For all those who are ardent fans of watching you tube videos surely know who this man is, Ashish Chanchlani is famous for making funny and evidently amazing videos for all his viewers and this is why he has gained such a great amount of fan following in such less amount of time. Valentine’s day is around the corner, oops no it is tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is the day when people will actually bear the expense of having a girlfriend or a boyfriend according to him Haha.

In the previous video, Ashish showed how he claimed back all his Valentines spent money from his girlfriend. For instance, despite having all the important and relevant  car documents, he denies having them in lieu of claiming money back from the girl. Ultimately, he is fined by the traffic police constable, who is also a part of his plans. And then he introduces us to his new girlfriend who also accuses him of doing the same with herself too.

After she sits in the car, she asks general knowledge questions from her boyfriend to win that cash prize by playing the Beat the Q quiz from the hypester app which is live at 1 pm and 8 pm every day. As soon as she tries to break up things with him because of his money-minded thinking, Ashish presents him an iPhone seeing which she suddenly changes her mood and declares him the best boyfriend in the world.

Suddenly, their car is stopped by a traffic constable and the girl goes into flashbacks and starts repeating what happened in the previous video. Whilst all the fight, they slap the constable and thus they are bought  to the police station. They are put into the lockup for raising hands on the on-duty constable. When the girl hears screaming sounds of the boyfriend being beaten she gets all emotional and hurt and apologizes to him. And then the thunder, it is revealed that it was again Ashish’s plan to claim the money back. He takes the money from the purse and starts playing UNO with the police officers. The sound of the screaming is also played in the speakers. Ashish also realizes at the end that the girl is actually double dating him. He also gets his makeup done so as to show how hurt he is. Valentine’s day is always roasted in some of the other ways but this one falls in one of the best ones.

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