If you suffer from acne , you are definitely not unaware of the post acne scar problems. Do you know how does a scar form? It is usually a result of pricking and touching the bump again and again , genetics too play a role in this. People vary as some of you could be fans of home based solution and some would like to go for a chemical infused one. Never forget to take your doctor’s advice anyhow.

We can certainly give you a list of points that you can at least follow to reduce them without harming your skin. The major factor here is to take care of the skin but having a regimen that does allow your skin to breathe. Never should you believe in facts merely just by reading them! One of my friends applied some lemon juice onto her face for a reduction in her acne scars before sleeping and eventually woke up with an even redder skin. So dude hold up and go easy.

Here is a list of points that you can give a thought about.

Using a dermatologist tested Aloe Vera gel Solution

You can apply a little amount of Aloe Vera gel straight from your garden plant after washing your face with cold water every night , if you have access to it.. The most recommended one would is the Amara cold pressed  Aloe Vera Gel which claims to even out skin tone, helps in lightening up scars and helps in reduction of fine lines as well. We are definitely ardent fans of this product. Buy from Amazon for $15.95.

Using Vitamin C serums for the reduction


The body shop Vitamin C serum is what I would recommend you to go for. The serum provides a radiant glow to the skin as well. The brand is trustworthy and will not irritate your acne prone skin. It is available on Amazon for $21.85.

Using Cucumber Paste


This method is also beneficial for your eyes as it helps in reduction of puffy eyes and lightens up dark circles. Just fetch some Cucumber from your nearest veggie market and grate them up. Make a paste of it and gently massage it onto your skin every day. Let the paste rest on your face for a good 20 minutes and not any more than that. Wash off with cold water.

Do not forget the sunscreen

You should never keep away from sunscreen when it comes to dealing with your acne scars. The harmful rays of the sun tend to worsen the problem of scars over the time. Apply it to the exposed areas 30 minutes before you step out of the house. The factors that you should keep in mind while finding the best sunscreen for yourself is to keep in mind your skin type. Make sure your sunscreen has a good SPF to it.

Medicinal Solutions

Creams that consist of Retinol, Kojic Acid or Vitamin C as their active ingredients can be used to lighten up the acne scars. The major rule here is to always get a doctor’s recommendation before using any kind of Allopathic solutions. Apply it as frequently as mentioned in your subscription and follow the regimen regularly.

Laser Therapy

For those of you who are not very well versed with this kind of treatment here is a briefed out explanation for you. Laser is actually a non invasive treatment which passes bouts of laser light into the skin and sweeps off dead cells also building more collagen which eventually helps in scar reduction. This procedure is usually expensive and should be done under a certified expert’s supervision. You might see a fair amount of reduction in your scars after 6-8 sittings depending on your skin types.

Here is an article on recommended do’s and dont’s for an acne prone skin.

“ Sleep, Drink Water and Treat your skin”.

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