Google vs Apple – a waging war between these 2 tech brands couldn’t make their loyal consumers more excited. On one end we’ve a brand that has been in the business of making gadgets – precisely known for their famous range of iPhones and on the other we’ve the company that has probably given soul to the whole idea of world wide web through the invention of the search engine Google and is now stepping into the arena of smartphones.

The stories of Google and Apple are similar in the sense that they’re both companies built on big dreams that can or could be achieved at the time and both have successfully given a platform or rather created a platform to not only express their ideas but translate them into action.

Apple’s dream of a carry-able music station became successful via ipod and Google’s dream of bringing the world closer became successful through it’s search engines and google Earth.

It therefore becomes an intriguing comparative study to decide who wins off the battle in terms of their most recently launched products i.e. the iPhone 7 from Apple and the Google Pixel.

Let’s find out.

Body and Design

Google Pixel Design

The looks of iPhone 7 and Google Pixel are totally distinct from one another as we’d expect but both the brands have successfully managed to keep intact the feel of a royal, premium and a nicely built design – the material used in both the phones feels like to be of the utmost quality and for that reason by the first look and touch; there’s an instant feel of superiority as it should be with high-end mobile phones.

Winner : both are equally sleek and stylish, a win-win.


  • Google Pixel has a 5 inch screen and iPhone 7 has a 4.7 screen inch screen.
  • The Pixel is covered with the Gorilla Glass which does give it a much more protected feel.
  • While the iPhone is typically quality glass material.
  • Both the mobiles give equally good viewing angles.
  • iPhone has slighter edge with pixel density of 326ppi – the viewing angles are truly impeccable on this device, as has been the case with previous iPhones.

Winner : iPhone with it’s 4.7 inch screen and clearer visual display makes entertainment on-the-go more fun.


One of the most important factors in efficient working of a smartphone is it’s hardware, without a good one a mobile just isn’t feasible to our daily needs from a smartphone – running of too many apps at a time, frequent selfies, email checks on the go; to put in a nutshell – a poor hardware will kill the smartphone but a good one will make it Bolt to your daily needs.

  • The iPhone 7 comes with 2GB Ram and a new A10 Fusion Core, the performance delivered is satisfactory and gives an average 12% increase over the last iPhone.
  • The Google Pixel however notches ahead of the iPhone 7 due to it’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip along with 4 GB of Ram, the mobile is no short of being a beast – it is only valiant that due to this strong hardware put in by Google, the Pixel is able to run the DayDream App (which is a step towards Virtual Reality from Google).

Winner : Google Pixel – running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, this is a beast of a hardware mobile.


  • The iPhone 7 comes with a 12MP camera at the back and 7 MP in the front to take selfies.
  • Comparatively to the earlier iPhone (6s), iPhone is able to deliver better low light images but it isn’t a massive improvement as such.
  • You can however also shoot 1080P videos with the iPhone which is a boost in terms of on-the-go camera.
  • The Google Pixel comes with 12.3 MP cameras at back and 8MP in the front, the camera quality of both the iPhone and the Pixel is quite the same and there are no disappointments as such.
  • Although the only slight difference remains that the front camera in Pixel is 8MP and in iPhone it’s 7 MP, not a huge difference otherwise.

Winner : Not much to differentiate between the two, equally good cameras on offer; but with Pixel just 1 MP better in the front, it does specifically on paper hold slight edge.


  • We at Bee Bulletin see Google Pixel as a winner out of the two but not by a great margin.
  • The reason that we put Pixel as a better option of the two is primarily because it is the first phone exclusively designed by Google itself and for a start; the beginning couldn’t be any better.
  • Including innovative apps backed by it’s hardware that is able to run these apps i.e. virtual reality for instance, speaks for Google’s long-term interest in the mobile business.
  • While on the other hand, we’ve an upgrade to iPhone 6s, it’s not a massive one to call it a whole new Apple invention in itself – the plan from Apple in prior releases was always to make their new release distinct from the past releases but that somehow doesn’t translate to the iPhone 6s to iPhone 7 leap.
  • Lastly, the reason why Pixel might also become your favorite choice to go for is because of it’s price-point satisfaction that the customer will derive from it.
  • The equilibrium that you get from purchasing Pixel comes in the sense that while this new Google release is available on ecommerce websites like Flipkart for Rs 57,000 for 32GB and 76,000 for 120 GB – iPhone’s 32 GB comes at the price-point of 62,000.
  • And we all can do with saving a few bucks this expensive Diwali season but even with game-changing factors in mind – specifications, hardware, camera and looks; the Google Pixel comes out as the winner.

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