Ever since I saw Gauahar Khan in the episodes of a television serial called the “Khan Sisters”, I had fallen in love with her. I mean like that show was years back but Gauahar has maintained her panache since then. There has been no looking back for her. I mean like she has been an inspiration for the all the girls in the world. Why? Because she has been a celeb who works hard and respects her loved ones even more.

If you go through the episodes or check her social accounts someday, you will realize that she has always been there for her friends, her parents, her siblings and everyone who is close to her. She has never been against them or their opinions even once and that is why God has bestowed her with an immense amount of luck, fame, and love. So the first lesson that Gauahar teaches us is to respect our parents and friends no matter what you are.

P.S. – Her dear Mom and Dad accompanied her while she was cutting the cake after the launch of ” Gauahargeous”.

If you follow her, you will know how much she loves her team. We even know her helper’s name and that is Shivangi. Who else does that? She is too sweet to everyone. 

What inspires me?

She has been a dreamer. She always wanted to be an entrepreneur and had her facts right. She always knew what she wanted to do. She works hard and never gets satisfied with an average vision. She is goals. 

You can watch her humble youtube video in which she is seen talking about herself and the struggles she went through during her beginning years. Get inspired, dream and make it big.

I still have her song ” Chokra Jawan” on my playlist and I actually watch the movie just to watch her. Yep! Crazy fan! I got the same black saree she wore for the song for myself. Well, the moment she stepped inside the BigBoss house in the year 2013, I was overwhelmed. She fought so well with all the circumstances that came across her path and there she was the winner of the house. I remember how she stepped into the house again after a glitch wearing a really pretty suit that made her look like a goddess. 

Let me tell you that she was the one scattering sparkles in the season 7 with her uber fantastic sense of style. We could make out that she was not faking because she is a fabulous diva even in reality. So, what is the good news Gauahar fan sisters? The gorgeous beauty has launched her own clothing line called the ” Gauahargeous ” and had tears in her eyes while doing so. Why? Because she achieved her dreams.

Bless you, Gauahar!

Fab Fact – The shipping fee for all the products on her website is free.

Here is a list of 5 lovely pieces from her website. Check out all over here. 

The Glitter Glam Dress

This color takes my breath away and the little glitter work in that pocket is what makes the dress amazingly beautiful. Buy for Rs.2799. This dress works both as a casual and party dress.

The Desi-Videsi 2

Have you always been a fan of the brocade Sarees? But no you cant wear them to work obviously. Gauahar is there to help. This top is a blend of both brocade and a formal shirt. This one is perfect for that important meeting of yours. Buy for 2499.

Sporty Shorty

This dress is wanted because it has the alphabet G induced in it. The fabric of the dress is made of fleece and is perfect for winters. Sport the G and love Gauahar. Buy for Rs. 2450.

# Essential 1

This product is available for 4499 and is must for the Gauahargeous in you. These flare pants are handmade and are available in 2 elegant colors.

Fit Fit

This top is perfect for your casual outings and will look pretty with dark blue jeans. It is available on the website for Rs. 2150.

Brownie Point: All The products have quirky names instead of the conventional boring ones. 😀

In the end, I just want to say that you have been an illuminating light which I have and will always follow. All the best, Love you a lot Gauahar Khan.

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