The elegant pastel has come a long way from just being something kept for a professional setup. Since decades now we all have been watching people wearing grey for some or the other kind of formal events. But now, it has taken the internet by storm. My personal favorite is a combination of grey and navy blue color. You can wear a navy blue top , blouse or a tee with grey color pants and look hotter than the tropics.

The color actually strikes a balance between the oh so light white color and the very inky black color. It looks so royal that nobody can actually resist it. The key is to pair the darker and lighter shades together. Say, for instance, pair a grey printed top with little dark color ikat trousers for a day out or a casual look in college. In March 2017 the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was spotted wearing a dazzling grey metallic gown with light embellishments for a British Embassy dinner in Paris and looked a complete bang on.

I have curated some of the best looks and have categorized them according to different occasions for your benefit  as the color is very versatile and can be styled in some awe-inspiring ways.

For a Formal Look

You can wear a grey trench coat with a nice pair of black leggings and a white top. Besides that, a white sweater dress paired up with a grey cardigan and a pair of thigh length grey shoes in suede will do wonders for you. If you wish to go all grey then you can opt for a knee-length grey color dress.

For something special

Grey color is fascinating undoubtedly, opting it for an out of the ordinary occasion is definitely a good idea. Some brides are also going for grey silver bridal attire to look out of the lot. A gown in grey color and a navy blue silk top can do wonders as a bridesmaid dress. You can also opt for grey Indian style saree.

For just being Casual

A grey sweater with grey color jeans and black thigh high boots will look really cool for a day out. If you are heading out for a lunch date, you can don a grey shorts coordinate set. A grey color pastel short dress is the another great option to choose from.

Other categories where the fantastic hue has taken sway over are !

For the foot

Ankle lace boots in grey, pastel strappy sandals, grey high heel wedges, grey sports shoes are something that will make heads turn. The fashionista Keira Knightley was spotted wearing grey suede pumps in an event with a silver embellished dress and thus looked really stunning. Kim Kardashian also has not failed to don the grey duds and was seen wearing pointy grey pumps.


For those frosty mornings in winters, you can probably wear the finger less gloves and arm warmers in grey. Women can opt for grey color handbags . A grey scarf can also be paired up with a trench coat and jeans. Pastel color jewellery also looks equally beautiful with casual outifts as well as party wear quinceanera dresses.

The grey hair trend has also managed to claim hashtags but personally, I would not recommend you to go for something that you are probably gonna get after you age. In all likelihood, a grey ensemble will make you look gorgeous and ravishing.

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