Group Costume Ideas For Halloween are the toughest to choose but the funniest to disguise in. It is tough to decide because everyone has their own set of choices and opinions. Once, the whole squad or group comes to a conclusion, nothing can be more entertaining. You can either go for the funny costumes or the scary ones for instance. Alike the adults, even kids can don the Group Halloween Costumes and twin with their squad. Check out some of the best Funny and Scary Group Halloween Costumes from the list down below.

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D.I.Y Ideas for Creepy Halloween Costumes can also be found over here because more than funny we love creepy and scary for Halloween. After all, the festival of Halloween is an event to remember all those who are not in the world now. The basic thing that one needs to keep in mind while searching for Group Halloween Costumes is everyone’s happiness because even if one person in the squad is unhappy, everyone in the squad has their mood off.

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” I love Halloween, I love that feeling, the cold air, the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.”

Group Halloween Costumes 2018

1M & M’s

Group Halloween Costumes 2018

Feeling that chocolaty and peanuty taste already in your mind. Yes, we are talking about those chocolate coated peanut balls that everyone love from their core of their hearts. Just wear the dress of your favorite color and you are done. Your dress should be of the same color from top to bottom.

2Aliens From Toy Story

group halloween costumes for kids 2018

The Aliens from Toy Story have both cute and spooky look to their attire and if you all are keen to do both, then you can choose to wear this one. You will need a bunch of things to achieve the look which are green wig, purple dress and socks etc.

3Ninja Turtle Group

homemade group halloween costumes

Being Ninja Turtles is everyone’s dream because obviously they are the superheroes. The Ninja Turtles dress can also be customized accordingly. Do not forget to wear that colorful band on your forehead.


funny group halloween costume for kids 2018

If you want to opt for a funny costume for Halloween, then your group’s best bet would be disguising as the Dominoes. You can stand in sync and then fall down and create humor all around you. Wear all black with white polka dots.

5PAC MAN Ghosts

group halloween kids costumes

All of us have played PAC MAN in childhood and we still are playing it possibly. This is quite an effortless look for the group members. To achieve the PAC MAN look, you can wear colorful t-shirts and paste the PAC MAN’s face print on the tee.

6Power Puff Girls

funny group halloween costume ideas

Okay, this one is every girl’s dream, if you also want to be one of them then you all can dress up as Power Puff Girls. If there are more than three people in the squad, then they can disguise as the PPG Villians.

7Adam’s Family

scary group halloween costumes

The spookiest and the sexiest of all is the Adam’s family and you sure can disguise like them. Choose who wants to be whom and enter in the Halloween Party like a pro. Do not forget to carry that stunning smile on your face.

8Flintstones Family

scary halloween costume for adults group

Be the past cartoon shows famous characters and earn compliments from everyone. The Flintstones Family have very stylish costumes so it is also perfect for that fashionista in you.


homemade group halloween costumes

Like eatables? Well, you call can dress as salt, pepper and cumin to fulfill the desire. Spices are of lot of types. You and your squad can be the whole spice set. Wear the dress accordingly but do not forget to wear that flap on your head.

10Men in Black

funny group halloween costumes for adults group

The Men in Black Dress is a very professional dress as it includes a fine black suit. If you and your squad want to look the most dapper out of all then this is best option for you. Do carry your walkie-talkies.

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