Owing to our jam-packed schedules and overly stressed up days, we often forget to take care of our hair and body. Did you know that our body and skin undergoes a healing process at night? Thus, it is really really crucial for us to take out time for the benefit of our manes and take care of them abundantly.

All the problems are induced by pollution and dust in the environment. If you really wish to own the best quality hair, you must adhere to the below-mentioned rules.

Do not keep it tight

Never ever leave your hair in a tight bun while sleeping, this one is quite tried and tested. Just make a loosen out pony with the help of fabric hairband. Avoid using elastic hair rubber bands as they might contribute to more hair falls and weakening of hair.

Detangle your hair before going to bed

Make it a point to always detangle your hair before going to bed as it increases blood circulation but always use a wide tooth comb and not any other alternative.

Use a silk pillow cover

Never use a cotton pillow cover for yourself while sleeping, as the friction causes a hell lot of breakage and snarled hair in the morning. You can also substitute it a with a satin pillow cover.

Massaging helps

Take up a good essential oil and massage your scalp with it before sleeping at night, it will replenish your hair with all the required elements.

Never sleep with gross hair

I know each of one of us is lazy enough to wash hair every second day but make it a point to never ever sleep with dirty hair full of dust and filth. Wash of your hair as and when required.

Include Vitamin – E in the diet

Make it a rule to have 4-5 Almonds after or before dinner or as an whenever you like. The Vitamin-E in the dry fruit helps in providing the much needed nutrient to the hair.

No metallics, please

Never sleep with any kinds of metallic clips or barrettes on your hair as it may hamper your hair health by twisting and tangling it more.

Make braids your best friend

You can tie your hair in two or more loosened out braids. Making one will serve you two benefits.It will cause you to have a beautiful wavy hairstyle the next morning and will help curb breakage of the hair.

Besides all this, you can also consider using hair conditioners and serums for added up benefits before sleeping at night. Our hair is the loveliest thing for us all perhaps, learn to take care of it until time runs by.

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