Attributing to our busy school, college or office lives, it gets just as impossible for us to maintain healthy hair. In so many hurries, we always forget our personal panache.

You all must have seen Nicki Minaj’s experimentations with her hair.

From rainbow colors to global blonde she has done it all. Recently, she shared a picture of her original hair tied in a high pony which looked gorgeous, now that does takes some serious steps to maintain the kind of gorgeous hair quality she has.

One of the top stars of the 1940’s, Rita Hayworth would maintain her sexy locks by shampooing her hair with hot water and then rinsing it out.Then she would saturate that all up in oil and wrap them in a towel thus steaming them. She would take out the leftover residue by the help of some lemon juice and Tadaa welcome some great hair.

Unfortunately, we ladies do not have so much time to follow all the above steps. Scroll below for some effortless ones.

# No matter what make it a rule of your life, to oil your hair at least once a week.

Everybody of us has Sundays to cope with all the stress and stuff. Like all of us, our hair needs some stress-free hours too. So labor the point girl.

If you are curling or straightening your hair for your big symposium or presentation at work, do not forget hair protection serum. These will help your hair from becoming frizzy.

“Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off.”

The next thing you can do for your hair is to never comb them suddenly after washing them. Trust me this step of yours will cause more breakage than ever.

We suggest all you ladies for applying a good serum preferably Toni and Guy shine gloss serum, it will help you gain beautiful radiance when you have very less amount of time.

If you are out in the sun, try covering your hair with a hat or a scarf so as to guard it against all the pollution and dust in the environment.

Never ever tie your mane in a high ponytail while sleeping instead try a very loose braid, this will safeguard you from tangles and further breakage.

Have you ever wondered that why does your head start painting after if your hairstyle is really really tight. This is because of the pressure of the accessory on your scalp. Avoid carrying out such looks regularly and safeguard your hair from breaking out.

“ Life is not perfect, but your hair can be”.

All of us have a right to a beautiful mane and for that, you need to some handiwork too. These steps won’t consume too much of your time but will definitely help you gain lustrous tresses.

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