Hair is the most important feature of a woman’s physical appearance. In fact, they add value to one’s beauty. Where a good haircut can add to one’s personality, a bad one can totally ruin it. So, when you are trying a new hairstyle, you need to consider the shape of your face. Try to get the hairstyle that enhances the features of your face and makes it look all the more beautiful. Here are the list of various face shapes and sizes and the hairstyles that suits them.


For a round shaped face, blunt or bob cut is a fine example. It covers your face from sideways and put the focus on your eyes and cheekbones. If you have a broad forehead cover it up with bangs or fringes. The pixie cut is also a good choice for round shaped face. It looks so chic and requires very low maintenance compared to other hairstyles.

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A person with the oval-shaped face can have almost any hairstyle and it will suit them. They got more options over others when it comes to the haircut. They can go for long curly or wavy hairstyle which would make their long face frame look more prominent. Someone who has an oval-shaped face and short hair can go for a shoulder length wavy hairstyle. A formal straight haircut with layers near cheekbones is also a good option for oval-shaped face.

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The major concern for someone with a rectangular shaped face is to make it appear a little shorter. For rectangular face one can have layers or waves with side part which gives a fresh look to the face. Avoid having long hair because that will make your face look longer than usual. Short wavy hair with little fringes will accentuate the face frame and make your face look fuller.

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A square shape is an ideal face cut because of these faces being most photogenic. The beauty of these faces can be further improved by a perfect hairstyle. A chignon hairstyle in which hair is pinned into a knot at the nape of the neck looks cool yet formal on square-shaped face. A gradually inwards layer cut makes the face appear narrow. Parting hair from the sides looks nice with formal apparel.

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A long bob cut is a best-suited hairstyle for the heart shaped face cut. A side swept bang can hide your broad forehead. Bouncy bob will give you a smart look at the same time it will bring back the attention towards your face. A pixie cut will also suit the heart-shaped face which reduces the unnecessary width of the face and makes it stand out.

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Triangle or Pear-shaped face

For a pear-shaped face, it is important to accommodate the upper area of the face. This is done by various types of hairstyle in which a deep side part is the best option. On a formal occasion, one can go for full top bun as well. A thick pigtail can go with your casual wear. Try to maintain thick volume near your temple to accommodate your broader jaw line.

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Hairstyles That Suits Your Face Cut

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