When it comes to hair, women can spend hours getting right look and yet end up with a bad hair day. Your tresses can make your look absolutely gorgeous or make you ugly Harriette. There are many things that can be done to get those long locks in control and revamp your beauty. First and foremost question – Which hairstyle suits you?

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This is influenced to a large extent by your face shape. Here is a quick guide to hair styles as per face shapes.

1. Oval face

You are probably among the luckiest women. Most hairstyles go well with the longish oval face. But take care not to have too much fluff or volume at the top as it adds to the long face look. The safest and the sexiest style would be long layered hair with layers near the cheekbone. Also you can have blunt and side bangs. If your hair is not smooth and straight, try a hard lined short cut hair.

Famous people – Jennifer Aniston

2. Round face

The first mission would be to grow your hair long. Long hair looks super pretty with a round face shape. You need to get a layered cut with the first layer starting from the chin. Having sideswept bangs also looks good.

If you have curly hair, then have a long hair at same length (no layers). It should look really good on you.

Famous people – Emma Stone

3. Square face

Pick a hairstyle that plays down your strong angular jaw. Best picks would be long and wavy style, curls or choppy ends. If hair is shorter, go for a chin length tapered bob.

Famous people – Megan Fox

4. Heart shaped face

The secret to the perfect hairstyle for heart shape face is one that draws attention to eyes and cheekbones. Side swept bangs is a big no. you can go for long wavy hair, shoulder length bob. Absolutely straight hair would look a little misplaced. A sophisticated messy style should be great!

Famous people – Reese Witherspoon

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