The initial force behind that frizz is the lack of moisture so eventually, the solution to the problem is to help your mane regain some of it’s loosen out food in the form of moisture itself. Shakira and my favorite Sarah Jessica Parker have always been encountered styling off their kinky hairdos like a pro. However, these kinds of hair types are tough to maintain but I know nothing is impossible for you all.

Let’s head up to the lineup for some of the best hairstyles that are perfect for the frizz fraternity.

# Pouf Ponytail

We are all in love with poufs this season, the unique selling point of this hairstyle is that you can don it anywhere you want. It is quite apt for school, college or even with your work attire.

# Messy Fishtail Braid

Braids are vintage classics and I believe are never going to go out of style. The good point is that it will also complement your frizz so as to give a messy look. Glam up your hot quotient with the help of some braid accessories. Click to buy from Amazon.

# Curly ponytail

This one stands as a best friend forever for all those with curly hair. If you do not happen to be a curled up person then just pull up your hair wrap it up in a high ponytail and use the curling machine to curl up your strands. Also, do not forget to use the hair serum for extra protection.

# Loose Bun

This is perhaps what I swear by, I really love wearing a bun all the time. Trust me it will never ditch you ever. It is also really really easy for anyone to make, You can wear to work or school or wherever you like. To enhance the look you can add up some flower clips or the bun cuff. Buy them from Amazon.

# Messy Crown Braids

If you want to be Khaleesi but are unfortunately suffering from frizzy hair then the best way you can show off your dragon princess skill is the crown braid. It is quite time-consuming but will create a very dramatic and sensational look.

# French Bun

It helps you to create a very chic and impromptu even if you have a problem with frizzy hair. You just have to twist your hair from one side and safeguard it with bobby pins.Then again twist your ponytail to the above and arrange the leftover strands.

# Thin braid

Pull up your hair to the side, creating a pretty side-swept and adjust with bobby pins. From there on, start making a braid like you usually would make and tug and twist again. Try using some really cool rubber bands to create a darling effect.


What You Can Do To Combat Frizzy Hair

Shampoo your hair only twice a week and not any more than that.

Avoid blow drying or styling your hair very often.

You can use a banana and yogurt mask once in a week to regain all the moisture back.

Use a good quality conditioner.

Use your body lotion or your hand cream for some shine.

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