Halloween is a festival that looks like a spooky affair that sends us into a Halloween illusion for the whole month of October. It falls on the 31st October every year and the day of the week on which Halloween is going to fall this year is Wednesday. Its not weekend but will make you feel like one. So, what is Halloween really about? Is it about Customs, Cosplay (Check Trendy Halloween Costumes D.I.Y here) or a witch. Well, the festival of Halloween does comprise of all these elements but there is a deep history that is attached it. This article will tell you about every thing that the festival of Halloween has in its kitty.

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What is Halloween Really About 🎃

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On this day, it was supposed and assumed that the loved ones who have left for the heavenly abode do revisit their homes to seek generosity. People welcome them by decorating their homes with candles and lighting fire and all other things to give them the best of hospitality.

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In Britain, several bonfires take place that are used to cleanse the atmosphere and to seek divine attention. The ritual of going from home to home for food in exchange of reciting songs and verses also takes place. It is from the 20th Century, that people begin to play pranks and newer Halloween traditions also came into being.

” It was believed that this part of the year is perfect for the fairies and spirits to be active. “

There are several symbols that are also related to Halloween. The Christian culture influenced Halloween includes symbols like Jack-O-Lantern, Pumpkin Carving as well as Disguising.

Halloween Traditions : Costumes and Food 🍬

The most awaited part of the year for everyone in the United States is either Christmas or the Halloween. Everyone is literally gaga about the Halloween costumes and Halloween special recipes and food. The trick-o-treat tradition is really really special for the kids as they are super excited about the candy supply they achieve during the day.

“The playful activity of Trick-o-treat means either get tricked or hand over the candies.”

For safety reasons, the trick-o-treat tradition has now transformed into the trunk-o-treat which includes an automobile truck standing outside a church or school. People can simply handover the gifts and candies to the trunk. This is considered safer than visiting from one home from to another by some parents.

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Halloween Costumes play a very significant part on the festival of Halloween, it has now become a special tradition that almost everyone in the world follows. The tradition of disguising one selves started from the late 19th century and was very prevalent in Ireland and Britain. It is believed that it was in the year 1930 that the costumes were worn as a mass affair. Halloween Costumes have now become a rage and can be classified into many types.

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Apple Bobbing and Other Rituals🍎

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Many traditions which are related to the festival of Halloween are still practiced in some parts of Ireland and Scotland. The Apple Bobbing is one tradition that is played as Halloween Game by many people. Apple Bobbing is when apples are put in water. People are asked to pick them up with the help of their teeth. Another Halloween custom includes corn mazes, haunted houses and ghost stories etc. The Halloween Festival also includes of games like foretelling of one’s fortune.

Halloween Aesthetics and Decorations 🎃

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The Halloween Decorations include many spooky elements which do make the atmosphere dark and frightening. But all this vibe brings along with lots of happiness with it. People love visiting the destinations that are decorated for Halloween some of which are listed below. Check the official websites for more information.

Halloween Events 2018

Halloween History

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Halloween is a Pagan Holiday or not remains a mystery still. The answer to which is mentioned here. Halloween 2018 Festival dates back to the year 1745. There have been a lot of confusions regarding the origin of the festival. Some believe that the festival has pagan roots and is related to the Celtic speaking countries. While others believe it to be that of Irish nativity. Before the development of Christianity, the Irish used to celebrate a festival called Parentalia which was also known as the festival of the dead. The Festival of Halloween is also related to Samhain which marks the day last of summer and the first day of winter which is apparently known as the dark side of the year.

Happy Halloween Fellas!!👻

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