Halloween Costumes are the most interesting part of the festival. If you think you can pull off any look then Cat Woman Costume for Halloween is the best bet for you. However, creating your own costume is also a good idea. Halloween Costume DIY’s are the most hit whenever the festival of Halloween is approaching. People tend to create their own clever, amazing, and even slutty Halloween costumes if they are on the artistic side. If you think that it is not feasible for you to DIY then you can buy one Halloween costume from Amazon and wear it to the Halloween Party 2018 that you are attending.

Halloween Costumes For Adults have end number of options. To avoid, confusion you can shortlist four or five from this list and then select the best one which suits you the most. The Halloween Costume For 2018 which is the most trending out of the lot is definitely that of Cruella Di Vile because soon the sequel of the 90’s hit Disney Movie “101 Dalmatians” is going to release in 2019. Emma Stone has been finalized as the lead and will be playing Cruella Di Vile.

When is Halloween 2018 : 31st October 2018, Wednesday

Halloween Costumes can be of many types but when we talk about the clever ones, these options that are listed below win our heart for sure. These Clever Halloween Costumes create a moment of laughter too and can also be used as the Punny Halloween Costumes. You can be extremely creative with them. For instance you can take inspiration from the celebrity Halloween Costumes and make your own.

What Should I Be For Halloween | Clever Halloween Costumes 2018 

1Instagram Post

clever halloween costumes 2018

The most clever costume out of all is definitely that of a Instagram Post or a Facebook Post for instance. You can create the costume even at your home. All you need to do is take a cardboard sheet and draw the Instagram display. Cut out from between and hang it around your neck.


clever halloween costumes for couples

The costume can be worn if you consider yourself sweetest of all in the Halloween Party. This Doughnut costume might be a little comfortable but you will literally win our hearts after wearing it.

3Bread and Toast

halloween punny costumes 2018

Be eatable in the Halloween Party. The bread and toast clever Halloween costume can be worn by a couple who can then offer slices of breads to each of them he meets. The costumes can be bought from the nearby store.


clever punny halloween costumes

Being a calculator duly sends your message that conveys that you are indeed a mathematics genius. You can make the calculator dress at your home itself with the help of chart, cardboard and sketch pens.

5In Relationship

clever halloween costumes 2018

This costume is the most funny and clever costume out of all in the list because of the pun intended of-course. You just have to fetch a storage box from the store and write on it that you are in a relationship.


clever halloween costumes 2018

For those of you who do not know who Plato is, well here is a brief explanation. He was a philosopher in classical Greece. For disguising as him, you need a wrap around of any color and a faux brown beard.

7Starbucks Coffer Cup

clever halloween costumes 2018

The Starbucks Coffee Cup is by far the most cute costume for Halloween. The Starbucks Halloween Cup need to made somedays prior to the date of Halloween Party. You will need to take out the logo print & paste onto the cup shaped cardboard. Wear it around your neck.

8Barbie Costume

clever halloween costumes 2018

The barbie costume is quite common but also the most clever one because it will make you feel like a princess. Buy a pink frock and blonde wig for yourself. Do not forget to wear stilettos and crown on your head.

9Rainbow Costume

clever halloween costumes 2018

Be the happiness of the party and wear a rainbow dress to impress. You can buy that from the nearby costume or buy it from Amazon according to your size. The Rainbow costume is kind of cheerful one.

10Burger Costume

clever halloween costumes 2018

For all the foodies out here, here is a burger costume for you. Your best bet would be to create a burger costume for yourself with a drawing on the chart paper or else get it from the store. Hey do not forget to bring along some french fries with you.

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