Halloween Costumes have taken us all on a roll because it is the most important thing that everyone in the world is excited about. Be it Toddlers Halloween Costume or adults one, everyone is equally dedicated in searching the best ones for themselves. The Halloween Costumes that get really popular are the ones which are worn by celebrities. Be it men or women, everyone gets inspired by them and vows to disguise as their own favorite celeb in the Halloween costumes.

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Selecting the best Halloween Costume for yourself can prove wondrous for you as it can fetch you many compliments. You never know if your costume impresses the one you are actually eyeing on in the party. The mantra of disguising and being the best dressed is to wear what is comfortable to you. Be as creative as you can but be comfortable in what you are choosing to wear. Not being able to carry your dress nicely proves to be a negative point.

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If in need of an inspiration, a recent survey among US respondents predicts what the most popular Halloween costumes will be this fall. You can also check out the some of the best celebrity costumes and disguise as the one which your crush likes. This way you can get to be the treat to his or her eyes as well. Below given are some of the best celebrity Halloween costumes from which you can take a bright idea from.

Top 10 Best Celebrity Costumes 

Beyonce as Lil Kim

celebrity look alike costumes 2021

Lil Kim is an American rapper who is also known as the queen of Hip Hop. She has also worked as an actress in many shows such as “You got served” and “She’s all that”. Beyonce decided to dress as Lil Kim on Halloween just like her and chose to wear a blue suit.

Dolly Parton as Santa Claus

homemade celebrity halloween costumes ideas

The american actress and singer disguised as Santa Claus in a Halloween Party and also bought along with her golden eggs in the cart. This is quite a comfortable kind of dress up for a party as you do not have to care about any kind of malfunctions.

Kelly Ripa as Queen Bey

celebrity costumes diy halloween 2021

Beyonce is widely known as Queen Bey which is quite true. She and her sense of dressing up is always upto the mark. Queen Bey wore a yellow color dress in the video of one of her songs and the American actress decided to dress up as that.


halloween costumes 2021 diy

Bubbles has been everyone’s favorite since childhood. Every bubbly girl out there has dreamt of being the cute character from the series ” Powerpuff Girls.”

Stephen Curry as Jigsaw

best celebrity costume ideas 2021

The very famous sportsperson and an American basketball player decided to disguise as Jigsaw from the movie Saw. Stephen Curry dressed up as Saw really frightened everyone present over there. He came to the Oracle Arena riding on a tricycle.

Cardi B as Cruella Di Vile

halloween costumes trendy 2021 cardi b

We all are aware of the fact that Cruella Di Vile is the sexiest villain of Disneyland hence our favorite rapper Cardi B disguised as the dalmation hater in one of the Halloween Party she went to. You can sure take inspiration from here.

Lauren Miller as Luigi

halloween costume ideas 2021 couples

Who has not played the game Mario in their childhood. Well all of us I suppose. Disguising as Mario or Luigi is one of the best opportunity to play the game in reality. The screenwriter and actress alongside hubby Seth Rogan disguised as Luigi and Mario respectively.

Demi as Dorothy

halloween costume ideas 2021 best celebrity

Demi Lovato chose to dress as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and looked quite cute in her attire. This is quite an effortless look as all that you need is a cute little frock and braids with a basket.

Kim as Madonna

halloween costumes 2021 kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian always gives the world major dress up goals and Halloween is the time where she always wins the game. She chose to dress up as Madonna and looked really really sexy in what she was wearing. If you are looking for a pretty yet sexy look then you can go for this one.

Kourtney as Micheal Jackson

halloween costumes for adults 2021 idea

Kourtney is no less than her sister and chose to disguise as Micheal Jackson for Halloween. So, if you have that dancer soul within you go for the Micheal Jackson look. However, do not forget to carry a mic along with you. This will allow to sing and impress then.

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