Is tomorrow a holiday?, asked Raj smiling wildly. After all, this is his first month at work and he would love to get away from the office schedule and spend a peaceful day at home. His plans for tomorrow are pretty simple. He will sleep till late noon, then get up have a lavish breakfast with his family. After that he will devote some time to Facebook uploading I-Day flags and some of the best I Day quotes.

After thus proving to the world that he is a true patriot, he will go out to some mall nearby and avail the Independence Day offers and get himself a good deal.

Thus celebrates an ideal Indian his Independence Day.

What will you do on 15th August?

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  1. Very bad idea of sleeping the whole day lazying around and celebrating independence day.
    Unfortunately many people lost their lives,,,ended up having sleepless nights and still on the borders many are losing their life for the country. I guess thats why we r ABLE to sleep safe and sound!!
    Please be a part of any group near your house that celebrates Independence Day..
    Feel proud to see the flag being hoisted and the sound of our National Anthem being sung with great fervor!

    JAI HIND!!

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