Poems for Teachers Day from students is a always a must because of the fact that kids really like to depict their feelings for their respected teachers in the form of rhyming words. This goes true for all the kids and small students. Sometimes, even adults like to write famous poems for their dear teachers to live the nostalgia yet again. The famous poems about teachers are quite inspirational as they are presented as an ode. Poem on teacher student relationship are sometimes very heart touching as they are really close to the heart of the one who is writing it.

Everyone writes teacher’s day poems according to their language because everyone wants to depict their heartfelt feelings to their teacher’s in their own specific way. The poems can be very short or long too because wordings become short sometimes. People always get happy when they are honored with a poem, so do not get doubtful about writing your feelings in a poem for your teachers.

Here is a list of 10 poems for teacher’s day that you can dedicate to your respective teacher on the occasion of Teacher’s day which is falling on the 5th September.

” Not just the one who teaches how to clear dreadful exams,

But teachers are the ones who help you go ahead in your life,

Parents, Colleagues, Friends, and even your enemies.

In fact, life is one great teacher, teaching something new each day!

Happy Teachers’ Day, Life!”

By Mamona

” A teacher is just like a candle,

who guides you to go in the right direction,

Our teacher becomes our ideal,

they become our ” Guru” and motivate us

to achieve our dreams,

They are our second parents

Happy Teacher’s Day”

By Diksha

” A teacher is a mentor, guide and a supervisor,

A teacher gives you education to breathe,

He makes you understand what is breeze,

He is your well wisher after your parent,

He is a superstar and the love is transparent”

By Parul

” She teaches and preaches,

even takes to fine beaches,

she is there like a moulder,

transforming you into what you become when you are older”

By Kashika

” First butterfly drawn from crayon blue to the theory of relativity, you guided me through

Making complex mathematics simpler is easy for you,

Heavy bag packs made sense each time you taught something new.

The Monday blues had no impact on you;

Like a flower, a child blooms, when it has a teacher like you.”

By A.S.

teachers day poems

She is always one of my kind

She is always on my mind.

Teaches me one, two and three,

She is always not free.

Eating and Scolding happens nom nom nom,

I think if she is my second mom!

I think is she my second mom?

By Akanksha

“The way you teach, the knowledge you share,

the care you take, the love you shower,

makes you the world’s best teacher.”

By Anon

” The life of every individual changes for the first time,

with the touch of a teacher’s hand,

Teacher’s are like building blocks of humanity,

The very first teacher in every person’s life is like a parent,

Because they are the pinnacle of everything we do”

By Shatakshi

” The way I am today is the way I was mentored the very first day,

It all started with the teacher who held my hand and took me up to

this place where I stand today,”

By Wajeeha

teachers day poems in english from students

” Enlightened, guided us, motivated us,

to make us ready, and to face the world

which was unknown to make us steady”

By Monica


A single word but a very deep meaning,

A Teacher who not just educate us but also teach us about the life

and how to tackle the problems in it”

By Shayan

Just like we use to say School is our second home,

the same way teachers are our second parents.

We use to spend a small period of time with them,

they give us a lot of their life by giving the education that live forever with us”

By Praveen

“A teacher has the most important role in a student’s life,

not only in shaping his career but also as an individual.”

By Mahima Jain

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