Heavy Rains in Delhi Today, gave a lot of us content to video graph upon. Afterall Jams, Water logging, Diseases! Yes! Tea, Pakodas Nope! Yes, that is perhaps the definition of Rainy Season in Delhi and N.C.R. Just a few droplets of rain and woof goes all the roads in Delhi. Open your eyes the next day and there you come across an endless bunch of stagnant cars on your way to your office or school. The Heavy Rains Today in Delhi and Gurugram are not very uncommon, but we are certainly going to remember today’s date i.e 28th August 2018 in the calendar because of today’s heavy rainfall that measured 49.6 mm. 

4:50 pm : Office Timings Affected, Rainfall starts again! Water logging feared yet again.

While, I was going towards my destination today, It was both funny as well as painful to look at people up all suited booted walking with their shoes in hands and their pants folded up high. What else was even an option, the jams weren’t clearing, the cars were not moving. How could one afford to miss their office or school today. All of Old Gurugram was badly affected with water logging to the level that cars had their half bodies inside the water. Pedestrians were affected drastically as well.

In Delhi, the most affected were the areas of Tilak Nagar, Mangolpuri, Dwarka and Badli.

The rainfall hit the areas during the night and it kept raining till morning in some areas of Gurugram. At some places, we could also spot trees on roads which were again very dangerous to life and property. Now, the question is, how many times are we going to face such crisis. 5, 10 or this is never going to end at all. While, some schools issued a holiday due to the heavy rainfalls in Dwarka, but they cannot do it again and again because it obviously hampers the studies. Same goes for the corporates.

Lightning was also sighted near Indira Gandhi International Airport, several flights delayed.

Who is to blame? The government? Municipal Committee or the innocent citizens who have to face the water logging crisis again and again. The heart pains extensively for those ambulances and animal care vans which got stuck in jams all through this time. Rainfalls are nature’s blessings, please stop making it feel like a bane instead.

The officials need to take in account these mishaps and work on the jam free Delhi and N.C.R because its high time now.

Several people in Delhi and Gurugram amidst the heavy rains and jams in their areas, made videos and tweeted about the condition for the convenience of other commuters.

In the morning, I also saw may police officers working with their pants folded up and standing there amidst the rainfall. Those heroes actually helped the traffic jams to clear out and people who got stuck.We would like to appreciate the heartfelt efforts of these officers who were fighting with the weather conditions in all of Delhi and N.C.R. A large round of applause for all of those hard workers.

Were you also affected by the rainfall and jams in Delhi and N.C.R? You can comment in the section below and let us know.

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