A groom in Madhya Pradesh had to wear a helmet during his marriage procession instead of orange safaa or turban as the upper cast villagers attacked him with stones. This is just because the dared to ride a horse to his wedding. Also they took away the horse.

Pawan Malviya’s wedding procession slowly made its way through his village. Pawan wore a dark suit, a long necklace and carried a sword as he sat on the horse. Along with a helmet, he cut an unusual figure.

A short while before that, at least five persons, including an Additional Tahsildar, K.L. Jain, were injured in the attack in the night of May 10, Suresh Balraj, who is in charge of the Taal police station, said on Tuesday.

[quote_box_center]Sensing trouble, I had informed the police in advance following which SDOP and SDM reached the village along with some force to ensure that the marriage procession passed through without trouble.  – Pawan Malviya[/quote_box_center]

After the marriage ceremony with the bride leaving with the groom, Mr. Puralal reached the Taal police station and filed a complaint.

Case registered

A case was registered against Shravan Singh and 71 others. Twenty-seven people have already been arrested by the Deputy Superintendent of Police at the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe police station, Rasheed Khan.

During the protest, a few persons set fire to the premises of one Prabhulal, following which four were arrested.

The police have started an investigation.

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