New Delhi — the capital city of the nation, has always welcomed people from different parts of the country with open arms. With so many students, professionals and daily wage earners from various cities settled here; the Delhi government ensures that they can manage their daily commutes without any hindrance with the city’s efficient transport system. The Delhi Metro and buses enable these commuters to travel across the city. But, due to the pandemic, public travelling has become an inappropriate option. Right now, the need is to opt for personal mobility options only, when you consider things from a safety point of view.

With personal mobility, travelling post-lockdown will be more accessible and safe. To manage your travel plans in the months to come, you can opt for car rental services offering cab hire in Delhi. Not only do the rental vehicles provide security, but they also provide you with a sense of self-reliance as well.

Give below is the detailed explanation of these benefits:


Rental cars offer safety which is something that you would like to ensure on your terms to avoid the risk in the best way. When you opt for a public mode of transportation, you cannot be sure about how safe the vehicle would be or whether it is even sanitized thoroughly. But, most of the car rental services provide sanitized cars for your benefit. Further, after renting a car, you can disinfect it as per your satisfaction. Another advantage will be that since the vehicle will be with you for the duration of your rental period, you can freely stock it up with extra hand-sanitizers, gloves, and masks for all your trips. In this manner, you can ensure your security anywhere and at all times.

Also, another advantage is that it allows you to maintain social distance. It is essential because the virus is likely to spread rapidly in crowded places. Therefore, when you travel in metros or buses, you may unknowingly come in contact with infected people and catch the virus. If you hail driver-ridden cabs, then again, there will be a possibility of transmission through the driver or previous passengers. Therefore, it is best to go with the option of taking a self-drive cab on rent for all your travel plans.


Usually, all car rental companies deliver the rented vehicle at your doorstep. In this manner, you will have the car with you at all times for the subscribed duration. Therefore, you will not face connectivity issues whenever you require travelling. Opting for cab hire in Delhi will help you travel in and around the city on your terms in all kinds of situations:

Travelling Intracity

In this monsoon season, catching a bus or hailing an auto can present another challenge for you. In such situations, you can get drenched in the rain followed by getting sick. To avoid such events, you can commute using car rental services. Also, after Unlock 3 has been initiated, you might require going to office daily. Especially while commuting to the office, it will be smart to avoid shared cabs and travel self-reliantly with rented vehicles.

Also, now that family functions can take place while observing specific guidelines, you can attend these gatherings safely. Instead of making use of public transport, you can opt for cab hire in Delhi. Many car rental services provide luxury car rental in Delhi with a self-drive option. Hence, it will enable you and your family to travel with the utmost comfort.

So, secure all your long and short trips in the city by driving a rental car without compromising on the safety aspect.

Travelling Intercity

Due to the lockdown, the movement in the country was limited. If you were unable to go back to your hometown earlier, you may choose to travel now. But, it is imperative to secure your travel plans. Instead of travelling with a sense of fear while using public means of transportation, you can opt for cab services in Delhi for outstation visits. Few reliable car rental companies like Zoomcar offer vehicles that have all-India permit, and also provide you with 24x 7 roadside assistance. Also, you can opt for monthly car rental Delhi package if you plan to stay in your hometown for a month.

Travelling During Emergencies

While unexpected situations take place without any warning, it is vital to be prepared for these circumstances. If you have your grandparents who tend to get sick quite often or an expecting wife, you should have a car with you always. Finding a mode of transport is challenging, and especially in the state of panic, it will be beneficial to have a rented car at your disposal. You will not have to rely on your friends or public transport during emergencies.

Travel on Your Terms with a Rental Car

It is essential to be self-sufficient, and car rental companies enable you to do so. There are many rental services available, but you should opt for services offered by reputed companies like Zoomcar. They provide you with insured vehicles and offer sanitized cars. Also, they ensure that you get the services at an affordable price while they meet with the insurance and repair and maintenance charges on their own.

Choose the right travel partner and manage all your trips while staying safe and secure.

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