We all know that the “Bhang drink” has always been a very important element of the festival. The festival of Holi is actually incomplete without this tasty drink. Holi Bhang Benefits are many and thus people actually yearn to learn to the Bhang Recipes.  The most important element which is required in making the Bhang Thandai includes the Bhang Goli or Bhang Powder. So, if you want to learn how to make the Bhang Goli, you can scroll down below to know about the Bhang Benefits and Recipe for same. 

This drink is a blend of a number of dry fruits like pistachios, almonds, cashew nuts, melon seeds, saffron and many healthy things like that. Holi will be celebrated on the 18th March 2022 and will be falling on a Friday this time. Do not forget to check the Tips to tackle Bhang Hangover this Holi. 

Here is a spoiler alert and I am telling you the cons right at the beginning because we don’t want something to take a toll on your health. Hence, being well versed with the side effects of Thandai would be a good choice.

holi thandai benefits and recipe

Everyone knows that extreme of anything is bad.! Well, we know that the Holi Bhang is quite healthy but let us take a pledge not to go beyond limits and drink something in excess. The reason being here is if taken in extreme, it will give rise to high blood pressure and will actually make you so high and addicted that you won’t be able to control yourself. If consumed heavily, it might also slow down your metabolic rate. So, make sure you take care and do not consume more than your body can handle.

Here is the Bhang Thandai Drink recipe to help you out if you have planned to make this drink all by yourself.

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Bhang Thandai Recipe

The Bhang Paste

bhang benefits and recipe
  • You will need half cup Cannabis leaves, some sugar, oil, and water.
  • Now, boil them all together in a pan or any suitable utensil. After then, let the mixture steep for around 15 minutes.
  • Try and blend the mixture into a paste when it is at room temperature, take out all the fibers by straining the paste on a muslin cloth.

 The Bhang Thandai

bhang benefits and recipe
  • You will need melon seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, Poppy seeds and your choice dry fruits, full cream milk, sugar, water and black pepper.
  • Peel off the skin of the almonds and soak for them overnight. Blend all the seeds that you have curated and create a paste out of them.
  • Add some sugar,milk and water and blend them well after then keep them refrigerated for about an hour.
  • Mix the bhang paste with this batter and add ice cubes and dry fruits to the Thandai.
  • Serve chilled.

Well, let’s get into the Holi fever now and talk about the Thandai Benefits.

Bhang Thandai Benefits

भांग के ये 5 फायदे जानकर आप भी रह जाएंगे हैरान

It relieves stress

bhang thandai benefits and recipe

It actually corrects the chemical imbalance in the brain and thus helps in relieving people from depression and stress. If consumed in the right amount, it helps a person to calm down and relax.

It aids digestion

bhang thandai benefits and recipe

The Watermelon and Poppy seeds are known for promoting natural bowel movement. They actually are good at detoxifying the body off all the toxic it has accumulated.

It is a pain reliever

bhang thandai benefits and recipe

The bhaang is really good in treating that awful cramp you are experiencing. If taken in the right amount, the Bhaang can help you get relief by soothing the nerve which is in distress.

It can cure acidity problem

bhang thandai benefits and recipe

The Bhang thandai is made from milk which we know is a natural antacid. It is also equipped with lots of calcium and minerals which boosts bone and muscle health.

Cures skin problems

bhang thandai benefits and recipe

It is believed that the Bhang paste is effective in curing the sunburn and other skin ailments because of the fact that these green cannabis are equipped with cooling properties.

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  • Bhang Halwa
  • Bhang Chutney
  • Bhang Chai
  • Bhang Barfi
  • Bhang Rasgulla

Important notes about Bhang Thandai

Bhang benefits and recipes
  • If you are suffering from some ailment or are allergic to the Bhang Thandai, then you should avoid at all costs.
  • Always take your doctor’s advice before consuming Bhang if you fall in the above list.
  • Please do not consume it excessively.  

Holi and Rangapanchami Date 2022 

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