Movies are a part of our lives and October being the month of so many holidays and leaves we certainly got some time for them. It is always awesome to be well aware before choosing the next motion picture for the movie date with your better half. Scroll below for more.

The list is as follows

Name of the Movie Release Date
Marshall October 13 , 2017
Creep 2 October 24 , 2017
Happy Death day October 13 , 2017
Jigsaw October 27 , 2017
Suburbicorn October 20 , 2017
The Baby Sitter October 13 2017
Leatherface October 13 ,2017
Geostorm October 19 ,2017
Granite Mountain October 13 , 2017
Only The Brave October 13 , 2017
Tragedy Girls October 20 , 2017

# Jigsaw

If you have seen the previous parts, you probably are more than enough excited for the release. It is a total thriller and honestly, I have never seen any trailer creepier than this one. The cast includes Tobin Bell, Laura Vandervoort and more.

# Creep 2

I think that the Halloween month is ready to welcome a plethora of horror films this year. The movie is a sequel to the movie Creep. The second part of the story talks about a video artist who gets trapped into the hands of a serial killer. The cast of the movie includes Mark Duplass, Karan Soni, Patrick Brice and much more.

# Tragedy Girls

Releasing almost near Halloween, I think it will be able to gross out and make some big bucks this month. The cast of the movie includes Josh Hutcherson, Brianna Hildebrand etc. The story discusses two girls who want to cement out their horror legend legacy through their online show about real life tragedies.

# The Baby Sitter

People who are ardent fans of Bella Thorne gush up because the release date is not so far. If you look at the promotional poster of the movie, it does not even look like it’s a scary movie. A boys’ infatuation for his hotter than the tropics babysitter takes a horrific turn where he realizes that his death is quite near. The cast includes Samara Weaving, Andrew Bachelor, Judah Lewis etc.

# Marshall

This movie would probably be the best choice for lawyers or people who are part of courts. The cast includes Josh Gad, Kate Hudson, and James Cromwell. The story talks about a lawyer’s first case in the court and the various ups and downs he goes through.

# Same kind of Different as me

This is totally a movie for the sweethearts. Releasing on the 20th of October 2017, the cast includes Renee Zellweger, Jon Voight and much more. The story revolves around the story about two men and their friendship.

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