Raksha Bandhan is not so far now and thus the celebration plannings are in full fledge. We for sure know How to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in School. Remember how we were all asked to dress up for the occasion and bring Rakhi along with us. The guys in the school were asked to bring along chocolates along with them for their Rakhi sisters. One of the Rakhi Games was that of when we were supposed to write was an essay on how I celebrated Raksha Bandhan.

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The Celebrations left a very optimistic vibe in the atmosphere whenever and wherever it was celebrated. The Report Writing on Raksha Bandhan also earned one of my friend an award for the best writing skills in school. Well, this sure can be a game or a task during the Raksha Bandhan Celebrations in Office. The Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in almost every state of India.

Here are some interesting Ways In Which You Can Celebrate Raksha Bandhan.

Cook for each other

how to celebrate rakhi at home

If you both are living far from each other then the best thing you can do for each other is the make  respective favorite food. For instance, if your sissy loves chocolate pastry like heck, you can learn how to make it first and then take it for her on the Raksha Bandhan day.

Reminiscence to Childhood

rakhi celebrations at home

Nothing is better to than going through the nostalgia of childhood once again. You can perhaps collect all your pictures together and then make a video. You can infuse an emotional brother sister song in the video.

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Take her for a Movie

how to celebrate raksha bandhan in home

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is very very special for every girl and thus the celebrations should be over the top. You can simply take her to movie or book a ticket for her.

Decorating her room

rakhi celebration ideas

You can decorate your sister’s room with chocolates and flowers while she is sleeping. Trust us, she will be overwhelmed by your surprise. You can also get some customized bouquets with pictures.

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Record a message and play it on Raksha Bandhan

raksha bandhan 2021 celebrations

There are somethings that we cant express in-front of our siblings. Thus, the best way is to record a message for him or her and say it all that you haven’t been able to say so while. Tell them how much you love them.

Prepare a Rakhi yourself

how to celebrate raksha bandhan in hindi

Nothing is better than personal touch so try to make Rakhi yourself for your brother. You can decorate the Rakhi according to your brother’s requirements. For instance, if your bro likes Ben10, you can make a sketch first and paste it on the upper part.

Take your sister for shopping

how to celebrate raksha bandhan in school

Shopping is a girl’s best friend and nothing is more amazing than taking her for a shopping spree. You can buy her favorite brand of clothes for her if it is possible for you. Just try to make her happy as you can throughout the spree.

Plan a Family Trip

Raksha bandhan essay and information

If you live far away, the best thing that you can give your sister and family is your time. You can plan out a trip with your parents and your sibling during the Rakhi weekend in return.

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