Thinking about what lip color is right for me? Well, we have a solution for you. Sometimes, it is important to choose a lip shade according to your skin tone. For instance, nude lip shades work best for fair skin tones most of the times and the darker lip shades look oh so sexy on the darker ones. Its not that the lip shade selection cannot be vice versa. Even people with brown skin tones can wear nude lips hades but the color has to be chosen very carefully. For your convenience, we have listed over here lipstick colors for fair, brown and medium skin tones accordingly. Choose your own dope!

The lip colors are a staple for every girl out there. Every makeup is incomplete without a beautiful lip color applied on your lips. They actually bring out the best of the makeup done and accentuate your look upto a 100%. The colors are effing pretty and all we need to do is select the best one for our self. The lip colors are also differentiated according to the best ones for Indian skin tones or for American skin tones for instance.

Let us now head up towards the lipstick skin tone chart and select the best one for our self.

Lipstick For Warm Skin Tones

lipstick colors for warm skin tones

The warm skin tones are found anywhere and everywhere. If you have that olive or wheatish hue to your skin, then you are the one with a warm skin tones. The lipcolors that work best for you are red, peach, orange and also shades of golden.

Lipstick For Medium Skin Tones

lipstick colors for medium skin tones

People who have a very neutral skin tone that is not fair or brown fall in this category. The color of the skin is a bit yellowish or beige in color. The color of the skin goes with almost everything. The best colors that flatter their skin color are red, nude, pink, mauve, and nude pink.

Lipstick For Brown Skin Tones

lipstick colors for brown skin tones

The skin tone which has more of a chocolaty hue to it fall in this category. You can go for lip colors which are darker in shades to accentuate your look. For instance, the shades of somepurple, cherry red, dark brown and glitter red lip colors will look best on you.

Lipstick For Fair Skin Tones

lipstick colors for fair skin tones

These people have a light skin tone and a beige undertone to their skin. Some of them also have pink undertone on their skin. Most of the lip-colors look good on this type of skin tone but colors like glossy pink, extreme red, nude, peach and dark brown flatter their skin tone the most.

When we go shopping for lip-colors, we usually are confused about the relation of skin tone and under tone of the skin with the lip shades. But what is the difference between the two? Scroll below to know the definition of undertone and the difference between the two.

Undertones are shades below the surface of the skin. For example, people with fair skin tones have a pinkish undertone. 

Some important tips to keep in mind while applying lip colors.

♥ Always apply lip balm onto your lips before applying lipcolor to avoid dry and flaky lips.

♥ Do not apply lip liner and lip color of different color, always use the same one.

♥ You can always pat a little compact powder onto your lips to ensure that the lipstick stays for a longer period of time.

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