Road Rage engulfs a driver without warning, and tends to destabilize a person that it makes him / her irrationally impulsive, to do things they normally would not like to do chasing, abusing, running down, hurting, bashing, at times even killing.

The factors causing road rage vary from increasing number of vehicles jostling for the limited road space, rising stress levels and decreasing tolerance of drivers, inflated egos, influence of alcohol and the hot and unmerciful weather conditions which may aggravate the stress levels.

Educating commuters through various means is an effective way to tackle the incidents of road rage. Similarly, the police officers/men who are , when a scuffle or argument starts, may also immediately intervene so that it may not lead to a big incident.

The commuters/motorists may follow the following habits/practice to prevent road rage while commuting on Delhi roads:-

  • Never indulge in scuffle/argument as it may it lead to a big incident. Be polite and kind.
  • Respect right of way of other road users.
  • Keep yourself behind the wheel. Affixing photos of your loved ones on dashboards may also be helpful in preventing road rage.
  • Adopt good driving practice such as do not drink & drive, do not honk, , do not use mobile phone while driving, follow discipline etc. etc.
  • Being late makes you anxious and impatient so allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination in time. Allotting even 10 extra minutes for your trip will allow you to handle unexpected delays calmly.
  • Find alternative route if your regular route is congested which makes you sometimes anxious.
  • Listening to relaxing music while driving is also helpful to keep yourself calm from the traffic chaos.
  • If you find yourself unable to control your rage/anger, consult a physician/ Psychiatrists
  • Take assistance of nearby traffic police personnel or local police personnel, PCR staff etc., if needed.
  • In case of any police help please call on 100 or 1095. Complaints can also be sent on Whatsapp.

In addition, always keep a cool head, avoid eye contact, never make obscene gestures, do not use your vehicle to intimidate others, do not become frustrated or stressed out—if you do, remove yourself from the situation, never get behind the wheel if you are tired or irritable and avoid confrontation

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