How to keep your pet safe from colors on this Holi? Well, by simply learning the fact that it is not a funny thing to throw colors on those innocent beings and this stands true both for pets and for the stray animals. If you ask us whether any kind of color is safe for pets or not. Well, we say none! Not even the so called herbal colors are safe for those little beings. The Holi Colors cause lot of harm to them. This very innocent looking Holi Powder makes life fussy and problematic for them. You can simply learn and understand ways on how to keep your pet safe from colors on Holi from here.

Holi will fall on the 18th March 2022 and that is a festival for us human beings not for the pets and strays. It is no fun, I repeat it is no fun in throwing those pinks and reds on the mum animals. They obviously cannot argue with you and other people to defend and save them from the mess you give them. So, please kindly play Holi but with your friends and family and not with your pets and other strays.

how to keep pets safe on this holi

Now, if you are a dog owner and want to take care of your pet then these are some ways that you can certainly adapt to prevent this menace from happening. Well, I really believe that it is easy for an adult to understand the pain of the pets more and thus it becomes your duty to make your kids aware of the pain and hurt the animals go through. You should make them aware of the aftermath of such “ so-called fun activities”. Tell them that there is no enjoyment in such cruel things and just tell not to do it ever again.

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How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Color this Holi

Keep them Indoor

How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Color this Holi

First things first, no matter how much your relatives want to cuddle and kiss him with all those colorful hands, do not let them do so. Also, make sure that you do not let them go outside alone because some people have this tendency to throw colorful balloons on them. Keep em safe in a room and switch on the TV so that he or she does not feel alone.

Create Awareness

How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Color this Holi

It is rightly said that charity starts at home! Start with your kids. Tell them how harmful the colors are for an animal’s health. We all know that pets have this tendency to lick their bodies and fur when they feel itchy and irritated. These colors are induced with toxic chemicals and licking them can have dire consequences. Besides, this throwing balloons or eggs can actually injure them. You can arrange a meeting with all the members of the locality and sensitize them about the issue.

Tip: Do a skit portraying the pain the animals go through when you throw colors on them.

How to remove Holi color from the pet’s hair

How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Color this Holi

If your dog or pet comes in contact with any kind of color, then the first thing you need to do is to calm and caress the pet. Take a mild shampoo and a wet towel and try to clean the hair slowly. Make your pet shower with some warm water. If the irritation persists, then you should take him to the vet.

Provide shelter to the strays

How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Color this Holi

If it is possible for you, then please provide a safe shelter to the strays because they are the most affected out of the lot. People get high and then hurt the animals for their fun. Please save them from becoming a victim.

Do not serve them with fried and sweet foods

How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Color this Holi

We know that it is time to make merry and everyone wants to have Gujiya and the Kachori but do not serve these kinds of foods to your little pets. The sweets and oil can be harmful to their health. So no matter, how much those twinkling eyes beg you to give them a bite, please do not.

At the end, I Just want to say that it is the festival of Holi, the most colorful and playful festival of the Hindus. Sort out conflicts, play and dance till the beat drops but do not harm the animals. Holi is not for them! Be aware, make aware and do not let those adorable beings suffer because of you. If you witness, any such thing happening, Just first to try to stop it! If that seems impossible then inform the nearest animal care center or police station.

Try to make them hear soothing songs

how to keep your pets safe from color on holi

If it is possible for you to stay at home, please try to be with them so as to comfort them. Do not let any guests or any person from that matter throw colors on your beloved pooch.

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