How to remove Holi Colours / Gulal from Face, Skin, Nails, Clothes

How to Remove Holi Colors from the face, Skin and Nails and Clothes is the main concern that we come across after we have played the festival. Sometimes, we across situations when you are unable to cope up with the chemical laden colors infact people actually search to know about How to Remove Holi Pakka Colors from face. Do not worry as this article will tell let you know the proper ways on how to remove the color from clothes, nails, shoes as well as from the face. Holi is going to fall on the 18th March 2022 which is a Friday so gear up with these ways well in advance.

Have you ever gone through a makeover in life? If not, just head on to the nearest ground wherever your friends are playing Holi and Tadaa you come out like an all-new person. Holi is one festival when nobody cares about looking pretty and sophisticated, everyone is just concerned about having fun. The most active and excited are the kids, they start playing with their water guns a week before Holi. You can witness them playing with each other with their Batman and Ben 10 themed water shots.

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We definitely believe that the festival of Holi is incomplete without the use of colors, but are we using them the right way? Coloring your friend’s face with Gulal and herbal colors is okay but using chemically laden colors or synthetic ones is always a big no-no. We cannot ruin someone’s whole life just because we want to have fun for one day.

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After we have played Holi, we go through an hour or more of suffering because the colors do not come out of our skin. To help you out of this problem, we have curated some good options on how to remove Holi colors from your face.

How to remove Gulal from your face?

First things first, it is advised to apply a significant amount of Coconut oil on your face, hair and all other exposed areas because it will not let the color sit on your skin and will actually create a protective layer between the skin and the color. You can also use castor oil or olive oil for this purpose.

Besides, this you should never use cold hot water to wash your face as it will spread the color more. Consider using Cetaphil cleanser or some cleansing milk to take off the Gulal.

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How to remove Holi colors from your skin?

Our skin is quite vulnerable to all this stuff. We usually do not think about it while playing with colors but suffer afterward. The main problem is because of adulteration. Earlier, colors were made from medicinal herbs and organic flowers and fruits but now nothing comes without chemical. If you have dry or sensitive skin, the color is going to harm you a lot. Well. there are many factors that are taken into consideration which are as follows.

Do not use hot water to wash your face, always use cold water for that purpose.

Hot water can actually dry off your hair and make them more frizzy and tough to handle. Hence, please go for cold water.

Use a wet cloth or towel to wipe your face

If you are coming back from a Holi Party which is quite far away from your home then your first step should be try wiping your face with a wet cloth or towel to remove the color from your face and skin before it dries up and gets all absorbed.

If possible, first shove off the color from your face with the help of your hands and then wash it.

Get rid of all the colors with your hands first, please do not let the colors sit on your face for a longer period of time.

Apply coconut or Olive oil on your skin to create a protective layer

You can take up the Parachute Coconut oil and put that up on your skin to prevent colors from sitting on your skin.

You can also use the Milk and Besan paste to ward off the color.

Make a natural face scrub at home itself! All you need is some Milk and Besan to get rid of all the dirt and filth.

Do not go for any facial treatment at least for a week.

No matter how much you feel your face has suffered, please do get any treatment or threading etc done for atleast a week.

You can soak Multani Mitti one hour before bathing and use the paste to get rid of the color of your skin.

You can buy the magical Multani Mitti from Amazon and use it on your skin to get rid of all sorts of color and dirt. It is priced at Rs.150 for a pack of 4.

Apply foundation on face, before playing Holi if possible as it will help in preventing the skin from getting furthermore dry and flaky.

It is a myth that you should go barefaced for playing Holi! You can either wear some coconut oil or some foundation to protect your skin. You can use the Maybelline Newyork fit me foundation for Rs. 375.

How to remove Holi colors from your Nails?

You can apply dark colored nail paint so that the Holi colors do not sit on your nail skin. It is advised not to scrub your nails at all. You can use lemon wedges to get rid of the colors. Also, never soak your nails in hot water, consider using cold water only.

How to remove Holi colors from clothes?

Wash the colored clothes and the other ones separately and opt for a good stain removal washing powder. You should wash the stained clothes as soon as possible because if delayed it becomes rigid and hard to remove.

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