Usually, students experience extreme stress and pressure while appearing for board exams at the end of the 10th and 12th grade. Most students take tuitions for various subjects, while others opt for a good exam preparation app. In any case, the students want to gain a competitive edge before they write their board exams.

10 Common Mistakes Made by Students

Given below are 10 of the most common mistakes that students make while studying for their boards:

  1. Not Believing In Hard Work

Some students feel that it takes inborn talent to be good at a particular subject. As a result, they don’t even try to work on subjects or concepts that are difficult for them to grasp. Giving up so quickly on a topic and thinking that hard work won’t solve it for you is a very wrong mindset.

  1. Trying To Learn Quickly

Not everyone has the same pace while learning something new. Often, students try to learn study materials super-fast. However, that is not a long-term solution. Without understanding, fast memorization will not help with studies at all.

  1. Believing That Isolated Facts Make Knowledge

Memorization is considered an essential virtue by many students. However, memorization is only successful when the memorized knowledge can be related to each other. If you learn isolated facts that have zero connection between them, chances are you won’t be able to remember all of them correctly.

  1. Taking Multitasking Too Lightly

Many students tend to multitask while studying. They can view the notes on an exam preparation app while listening to a different lecture at the same time. While the student may be confident that they are multitasking, they are entirely messing up both the study sessions.

  1. Overly Relying On Instructors

Since most students take private tuitions, they have instructors to guide them. However, the students have to study on their own. An instructor of an exam preparation app will guide the students, but they will not spoon-feed the students with knowledge. The students must make sure that they understand what their instructors are teaching them.

  1. Allotting Less Study Time

For boards, the syllabus is usually pretty vast. Having such a comprehensive syllabus needs time to be studied. Giving too little time to cover for the vast syllabus can lead to disastrous results.

  1. Not Maintaining Study Order

Studying should be done in a planned manner. Even in the vast syllabus, teachers give recommendations about portions that are more important. Students should make sections of such portions and cover essential topics with higher priority. Not having any order while studying can make the students miss out on high-scoring portions.

  1. Prioritizing Familiar Topics

Most students tend to give more effort to the topics they are already good at. This wastes time as those topics may not require so much time for covering. Instead, the students should choose to cover the weak issues to be better at them.

  1. Not Revising Old Topics

Students should always try to revise the topics they have already memorized. The ncert book solutions syllabus is so huge that it becomes quite easy to forget the old topics as new topics are remembered without proper revision.

  1. Lack Of Tests

The majority of students avoid tests and pre-exams from tuitions and educational apps. Without the tests, one cannot evaluate their progress with the studies. If you are not testing yourself at all, you will never know what your weaknesses are. As a result, there will be no time to improve on those before the board exams.

Final Words

Most of these mistakes keep the students from performing up to their potential on the boards. However, none of these mistakes can be cured. With practical approaches, dedication, hard work, and effort, any student can do great in the board exams.

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