Concealer has been the best friend of every girl out there who does not like to apply a lot of foundation all the time. But the question here is How To Use a Concealer For The First Time. Well, I think it is best to buy a concealer shade for yourself offline rather than looking for how to find the right concealer for yourself online. Well, there are many quizzes that allow and advice you on How To Find Your Concealer Shade. Online. However, you will find a Concealer Shade Finder right at the store which will ease your work. The shades also depend on the skin tone of a person. For instance, a person with a Yellow Skin Tone or a Wheatish Tone will have different kind of concealer shades.

The major reason for looking for concealer is Dark Circles and that is because our work schedules have become so over the top that we end up with baggy eyes and thus develop dark circles. Well, there are a several shades that are for specific problems on the face and you can choose accordingly.

For those who are very new to makeup should know that the concealer is a thing that is used to mask flaws on the face. Some people also use it alone when they don’t have the time to apply the full-fledged foundation.

Yes, we have all been through this and some of us are still trying to find the answer to this question. I know somebody who has taught me the art of applying one. O.M.G.! All these years, I was using it all wrong. If you do not want to go through the same menace, then consider reading the how to use concealer tips from here.

Scroll down to know some tips on how to use a concealer.

Choosing Between a Liquid Concealer and Stick Concealer

The major way to decide about which type of concealer to go for is identifying if your skin is dry or oily. Well, you should never ever go for matte finish concealer because it will end up drying up your face even more. Same way, a person with oily skin should not go for a concealer which is creamy as it will end up giving a greasy finish to the face.

Identify your flaws

There are various kinds of concealers in the market, you first need to identify which one do you need. For instance, if you are looking for a concealer to hide your dark circles then you will need one with an orange shade and so on.

Here is the color corrector palette guide. This way you can make out which color should you use and when.

  • Green shade concealer is used for reducing redness.
  • The Yellow shade is used to hide veins in the under eye area.
  • The purple shade neutralizes and balances the yellow complexion and provides the glow the skin needs.
  • The peach and pink shade are used to brighten the eye area.

Choose a lighter shade than your skin

Well, it is rightly said that you should definitely choose a lighter shade from your skin because of the fact that you should foundation that is the same color as your skin. The sole motive of the concealer is to hide your flaws.

Always try and test the concealer first

If it is possible for you, always try the tester before buying the concealer because it will give you an idea about how the shade will look on your skin.

Take the opinion of the sales person, but buy only if you think its perfect

Well, it happens to almost everyone, the makeup artist at the store will apply the tester on your skin and will help in choosing the perfect shade for you but do not buy it if you are not confirmed about it. Always listen to your instincts.

Apply the concealer in the inner corners of the eye

If you want to brighten up your eyes in the time of an emergency then just put a little concealer in the inner corners of your eyes and dab well. Similarly, apply some on the eyelids and dab well again. Tadaa.

You should always put on the concealer in natural light

You should keep in mind the fact that if it is possible for you, then you should apply your makeup in natural light only. The reason being here is if you apply it in dim light, you might end up putting the wrong shade or in the wrong way.

Use the concealer after the foundation


It is by far the most asked question when it comes to talking about concealers. You should definitely apply concealer after applying the foundation because of the reason that it will conceal most of the flaws well in advance and thus the concealer will have to do less work. For days when you feel lethargic and do not want to use foundation, you can just put the concealer on the bridge of your nose, forehead, and chin.

Use your ring finger

If you apply the concealer harshly with your fingers then you need to stop it right now because this habit of yours is damaging your under eye skin. First of all, never rub the concealer, just make a V-line under your eyes and dab it nicely to conceal your dark circles.

Use a compact powder

After you are done with the layering of the concealer, just brush the extras off with the help of a good brush and compact powder. It will also help you to set your makeup right and even. One thing that you should definitely remember is that you should not use a compact which is way too lighter than your skin tone. Always try first before buying and use the best one.

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