ICC Champions Trophy Winners List – 2013, 2009, 2006, 2004, 2002, 2000, 1998

ICC Champions Trophy Winners List

Winning team of each year’s ICC Champions Trophy receive many accolades and glories. ICC Champions Trophy Winners are second in importance in the cricketing world as the Cricket World Cup champions.

Know here about all Champions Trophy winners till date. Catch the complete schedule of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 also.

ICC Champions Trophy Winners List

Year Winners Runners Up Final Result Host
1998 South Africa West Indies South Africa won by 4 wickets Bangladesh
2000 New Zealand India New Zealand won by 4 wickets Kenya
2002 Shared between India and Sri Lanka South Africa, Australia Match rained out twice. India and Sri Lanka declared co-champions. Sri Lanka
2004 West Indies England West Indies won by 2 wickets England
2006 Australia West Indies Australia won by 8 wickets India
2009 Australia New Zealand Australia won by 6 wickets South Africa
2013 India England India won by 5 runs England, Wales

1998 in Bangladesh

1998 : The inaugural edition of the ICC Champions Trophy was held in the year of 1998, in the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The edition was widely popular in spite of it being hosted in a nation that was still making amends in the global cricket stage. It was pivotal for ICC to get people to come to stadium and get support for this newly rendered knockout-based tournament, which separated it from the world cup.

In the inaugural edition, the deadline to make it to the tournament wasn’t pre-fixed and the bottom teams (9th and 10th) played in a pre quarter-final match, the winner made it straight into the knockout draw. In this edition, New Zealand defeated Zimbabwe to make it to the top 9 as there were 9 teams in this edition and not 8, as is the case in the current format of the tournament.

The first winner crown in ICC Champions Trophy is to the name of South Africa. South Africa has otherwise had a pretty weak streak in big cricketing tournaments, failing to win a single cricket world cup – losing 2 times in a semi-final. Of course due to a 20 year ban, they did not participate in world cups from 1975 to 1992.

2000 in Kenya

2000 : The 2nd edition of Champions Trophy was held just 2 years later to the first edition, in the country Kenya. In the inaugural editions of this tournament, the ICC was looking to promote the sport of cricket in the minnow nations (who are out of the top 10 list but in the top 20).

As was the trend in the 1998 tournament, the dark-horse New Zealand this time were crowned with the trophy. New Zealand, just like South Africa; have had a tough time in world cups – having won none. However, they too now had an ICC tournament under their belt.

2002 in Sri Lanka

2002 : The 3rd edition again came back to the Asian soil, moving to the country of Sri Lanka. This edition had participation of 12 cricket playing nations – with Kenya ranked at 11th and Netherlands at 12th.

The rain played the role of a spoil-sport as we had 2 days of uninterrupted rain which prevented a final and the trophy was shared between India and Sri Lanka.

2004 in England

2004 : Yet again with the participation of 12 nations, this time the USA replaced Netherlands. The Champions Trophy of 2004 is known for it’s packed-house finale.

The Final was won by the West Indies, who took their fans back into the glory days of the nation in the very country of England. Sarwan from West Indies was named player of tournament.

2006 in India

2006 : Australia for the first time in Champions Trophy got their hands on the trophy, beating West Indies in the final (Duckword-Lewis).

The Windies had beaten Australia in the quarter-final stage (which was Australia’s only loss of the tournament) but a rain hit final played to the strength of Australia. Gayle was man of tournament.

2009 in South Africa

2009 : With a 3 year gap, Champions Trophy returned in the country of South Africa. Groups of 2, 4 teams in each group.

Australian had a fairly strengthened outing in the tournament as they defeated their title by beating New Zealand with ease in the final, by 6 wickets to be precise.

2013 in England

2013 : The last edition that we’ve had of Champions Trophy was in the year of 2013, played in the country England. Top 8 teams made it to the tournament with India standing strong all throughout the tournament, beating arch-rival in Pakistan, followed by – West Indies, South Africa and Sri Lanka to reach the final.

In the final, India beat the hosts by 5 runs – an absolute thriller of a contest. $2million of prize money was richly deserved by the Indian team; the prize money remains the highest giveaway in the small history of this tournament.

2017 in England – Looking ahead

Do catch the 2017 edition to be held in England where India will be in the bid to defend their title.

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