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Musicians bring joy to our lives and deserve gifts that acknowledge their creative talents. You might be looking for a gift to show your appreciation for a music teacher or choral director, or just to wish a happy birthday to a musician. You can combine sheet music and musical notes with a variety of handcrafted projects, including piano gifts or instruments for children. Personalized gifts that are music-related include home decor and photo collages. Here are some of the creative gifts you can give to music lovers out there. 

10 Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

DIY Earbud Case

You can make this gift from a repurposed mint bag. It’s easy to transport your friend’s music-loving earbuds in a compact, tangle-proof container while on the move. Personalize the outside by adding their name and a circle of scrapbook paper.

Turntable Jewelry Box

You can transform an old wooden jewelry box with recycled materials and basic construction papers into a mini turntable. You can draw the style of your friend’s favorite CD or some special logo on it.

Set of Musical Coasters

Gift your musical friend a set of DIY sheet music coaters, and some boxes of their favorite blend. To keep them durable, lay black vinyl letters with personalized messages on sheet music scrapbook papers and seal them with varnish.

Vintage Guitar Strap

This easy sewing project combines vintage-inspired fabric straps to make a row of vibrant patches that can be sewn together into a guitar strap. Choose a bright strip of backing material with reinforced leather hooks at each end.

Mini Banjos

A group of young music enthusiasts? Mini banjos can be used as party favors, gifts for musicians, or for crafting. For a playable craft, wrap rubber bands around a lid of a jar and attach a washi tape-decorated stick to a popsicle stick.

Songbird Shower Curtain

A musical shower curtain can be used to encourage your favorite singer. This nature-inspired design will inspire your favorite singer to sing along to their next shower. It’s also a great tip for spring cleaning to brighten up a bathroom.

Music Pillar Candle

This craft trick involves printing sheet music on tissue paper, backing it with cardstock, and then binding the tissue paper to a large candle using a hairdryer. This is a great gift idea for singers and choral directors.

Bracelet with personalized charm

You can create your jewelry by combining photos with music-themed charms to make a delicate accent bracelet. This is a great gift for a recital or graduation.

Coffee Table Guitar Pick

A multi-colored collection of guitar picks decorates the coffee table’s top. This is a real conversation starter for those who love music as well as coffee. Moreover, you should also use a blow torch to smoothen the bubbles.

Headphone Pillow

You can fall asleep listening to music or podcasts by weaving a pair of high-quality deconstructed headphones through the pillow’s batting and embroidering a musical silhouette. The fabric transmits the sound to a computer or phone which will result in a relaxing and deeper sleep. 

Last Thoughts on Gifts for Music Lovers

Music-related gifts are both deeply personal and stylish across a variety of projects. It doesn’t matter what their musical background is, or whether it’s a birthday gift or Christmas present, show your appreciation for their work with a unique musical gift.

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