Employee Engagement Activities for Independence Day need to be enjoyable as well as respectable because after all it is Independence Day. The official date of Independence Day ie the 15th August 2018 is an official holiday, but most of the corporate offices celebrate it one day before. The 15th August Celebration in Office is a way on which every one in the office despite of their religion come together as people of the same nation. The Independence Day in Office can obviously be celebrated by wearing ethnic for the day and playing games that are related to the event.

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Celebrations in Office are always exciting and if it is of Independence Day, people are sure to feel more close to their nation. While, everyone is told prior in advance about the celebration, the authorities have to make sure that everything goes well and according to the set plan. We have thus curated a list of Independence Day Celebration Ideas. Scroll below to know more.

1Poster Making Competition

Independence day office celebration ideas

The poster making competition seems a little childish but is one of the best and convenient game that you can conduct inside the office premises. Moreover, all the employees can feel childlike once again and play the game with utmost zeal. The reporting manager judge their teams work.

2Dress Code

independence day office ideas for celebration

The Dress Code is the most important thing out of all and thus should be set prior to the event. When people come all decked up, it makes the festival more lively and lends a certain excitement in the atmosphere.

3Rangoli Making Competition

office celebration ideas independence day

Rangoli making competition is also a very amazing idea as a part of the office celebrations. The employees can be distributed into teams and time limit can be set for the Rangoli making. The theme can be any design with all the tricolors accumulated in it.

4Plantation Drive

independence day office celebration ideas

This is one of the best way to celebrate Independence Day as it involves doing something good for the nation. All the employees can be asked to bring seeds and some can be asked to bring water sprinklers for the drive. This way the event can be made as success.

5Charity Drive

The charity drive is also a very good idea for the Independence Day celebrations. You can ask the employees to bring old or new clothes or other such material that they might want to donate to the ones who need them.

6Patriotic Speech Competition

independence day celebration in office

You can organize a speech competition for your employees and the most heart touching one will win the game. You can also set some set of rules regarding the time limit and props etc.

7Skit Competition

independence day celebration at office

You can make teams of four in prior and ask the employees to prepare a skit which is patriotic. The skit can then be a very entertaining part of the Independence Day Celebrations.

8Patriotic Quiz

independence day office ideas

You can conduct a quiz which has all sort of questions about our country, this way you will be able to know who has the most knowledge about their own nation.

9Potluck Lunch

independence day office celebration ideas

Togetherness in the work environment can be created by eating together. Everyone can be asked to bring one item of food and then everyone can eat together thus imbibing oneness.

10Patriotic Antakshri

independence day office ideas celebration

Antakshri can also be played between teams of employees but the condition would be to sing patriotic songs.

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