Independence Day Celebration In Office – We have all given the Quiz for Independence Day sometime or other in life but it is always good to brainstorm sometime and bring a change in the monotony. The Game Ideas for Indian Independence Day Celebration in Office should be so up to the mark that they ensure employment engagement upto 100%. Scroll below to know about the Independence Day Games Activities for employees and make the Independence Day Celebration in Office the best of the season.

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Playing games in office is always exciting because you get to interact and enjoy with your colleagues. These New Ideas to celebrate Independence Day in Office will make your employees feel stress free and make them proud of their nation. Get ready for being a part of this 15 August celebrations with your tricolor shades of clothes, food and enthusiasm.

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Independence Day Celebration in Office Ideas

Poster Making Competition

Independence day office celebration ideas

If you want to celebrate Independence Day peacefully in office, then you can conduct a simple poster making competition on Independence Day so that people can sit on their desks and show their artistic side in their celebrations.

Dress Code

independence day office ideas for celebration

Keeping a dress code on the Independence Day is very important. You can either go for tri-color dresses or depict your own state by wearing traditional clothes for a day.

Rangoli Making Competition

office celebration ideas independence day

Employees and Departments can be distributed into teams and given a stipulated amount of time and space to create a beautiful Rangoli in the office promises. This way, the office will look more beautiful as well.

Plantation Drive

independence day office celebration ideas

We as citizens should also be concerned about our mother Earth’s condition, hence as an event conducting committee, you can also organize the Tree Plantation Drive to make them more sensitized towards nature.

Charity Drive

Well, you can organize a Charity Drive on the occasion on Independence Day. Just send out a notice well in advance and ask them out for to bring new or old clothes to donate.

Patriotic Speech Competition

independence day celebration in office

Organize a Independence Day Speech Competition for your employees. This will not only create employee engagement but also touch the heart of the listeners.

Skit Competition

independence day celebration at office

Skits are really entertaining hence you can conduct an Independence Day Skit competition for your employees. They can be divided into teams of 4-6 and given topics related to the history of India.

Patriotic Quiz

independence day office ideas

Independence Day Quiz is a very common way to check out the IQ’s and awareness of your employees about their own country. The person with the maximum number of right answer will win.

Potluck Lunch

independence day office celebration ideas

You can organize a potluck lunch event for your employees to ensure togetherness in the company. They can bring their specialty food from their own state.

Patriotic Antakshri

independence day office ideas celebration

Singing patriotic songs on the Independence Day event is definitely going to cheer up everyone’s heart. You can conduct a Antakshari competition among departments.

Wish you all a Happy Independence Day!

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