We are living in the 21st century where women are probably the ones who have the power to change almost any game. Remember Chess? The Queen is the most powerful of em all. Even in a Beehive, it is the queen who heads all other males of the herd. When nature itself is not biased about females, then how can a human being be? Well, the words that define a woman are strong, compassionate, beautiful, unique and the list goes on and further.

To the people who say ” Mard Ko Dard Nhi Hota” need to believe in the fact that it is a lady who gives birth and that is probably the most painful but beautiful job ever done. The fact that the women of India have now taken up a space equal to men is not unknown. Ladies can handle both the household chores as well as their career hand in hand but are the corporates helping them out in the venture?

We know that the ladies are not any weak than men but they have certain other responsibilities and days of the month that men don’t. It is just how it works. So, they definitely deserve some kind of resilience in their work life.

” Employers please Read and execute if possible”

Women Friendly Corporate….

Authored by Rajeev Bhardwaj, Vice President, Human Resources, Sun Life Asia Service Centres

An organization that has a complete culture to nurture the needs to women employees, giving them all the freedom to grow and prosper in the organization and establish themselves as professionals without thrusting upon them the men’s ways of working has the quintessential elements of gender parity.

It is the women workforce that brings the right amount of emotional maturity and intelligence to the company at all levels. Women employees are also more process oriented, precision-focused and emotionally balanced.

Women are also good problem solvers.

Happy Women's day

They can interpret complex situations and issues quickly and also solve them effectively. Women employees are also known to bring robust human equations to the work environment.

While the Indian corporate world is still quite a distance away from achieving good gender inclusive workplaces, it has at least begun to churn ideas and move towards that goal. In about a decade, the corporate India will be much different place for women with a number of women business leaders who will be well-educated, more ambitious and confident.

These are some things that a workplace definitely needs..

A Cultural shift

corporate flexibilty

It was in the 1990s and early 2000s that many workplaces did not even have restrooms for women although women had started to get the professional world and began to be employed in offices. The concept of pick-and-drop facilities being provided by the offices was a started much later with a significant number of women executives began to be employed by the corporates.

Given the fact our society has been patriarchal since time immemorial; the workplaces were also suited for the male workplace making scant, or sometimes even zilch, facilities for women employees. There was a mindset that the women have to match men and make themselves available 24/7 and even stretch late beyond working hours in order to be successful professionally.

Greater shift in organizational culture is much needed

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The agenda of women empowerment needs to be inculcated into the structural and functional design of organizations. Sustained change requires innovative thinking, and more so for promoting women-friendly corporate policies.

Flexible Working Schedule and Conditions – Too important

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There are still organizations that believe allowing flexible work timings to employees will result in the employees shirking work. In fact, allowing more flexibility to employees such as flexible office hours and work-from-home option allow the employees to deliver more and that too timely. ( This is so so effing true).

The flexible timings have proven to be a boon for women employees who have to shoulder a greater burden of house hold and domestic responsibilities. Such flexibility allows them an atmosphere of respect and freedom. At our own company Sun Life India Service Centre, we have built a flexible work environment for the convenience of employees.

Supporting motherhood

Women's day

Gender parity cannot be achieved at workplace till the time we keep discriminating against womanhood and motherhood. When a woman professional starts a family, in most cases she takes a beating or she is forced to embrace an alternate work profile. In many companies, paid maternity leaves are not given to women which forces them to return to work quickly.

Maternity leave is the right of every woman professional and this fact cannot be questioned.

Making attempts to retain and reward women employees and support their gender specific needs is really important for companies to reap the advantages of diversity.

Therefore, respect a Women and bestow them with the affection they deserve from your front.

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