You need to be really really appropriate while dressing up for the D-day because it is rightly said!

First impression is the last impression

The first meeting will probably decide on your place in the recruiter’s heart. You need be really appropriate in your approach and there is an agenda behind all that. Read up below and find solutions regarding all your queries.

Let us talk about hairstyles first.

The best way for women is to tie up her hair into a side sweep or a professional bun. Those who do not want to do it can also try out a ponytail which includes a heap of variants like the braided ponytail, the low knotted one, the french braid, the chic chignon, the double french braid ponytail or the new weave low ponytail. Please note that you should never use fancy rubber bands or clip for your first visit to the office besides that please remember that leaving your hair open is also not a good option.

For men, try not to apply too much gel to your hair and keep them nicely combed. Guys with long hair should avoid man buns at all costs.

Coming to the dressing up part

Women can opt for A – line skirts, Palazzo, culottes or flared trousers to go with. You can team them up with some really light colored shirts like beige, pink, killer white or mauve color. A cashmere sweater with cotton chinos is something that is sure to turn heads in the office.

For men, suspender pants with a white color shirt would look hot as heck. They can also choose a decent powder blue color shirt with navy blue pants. It is really important for anyone to build up one’s image on the first day itself so please try to be humble in your attire as much as possible.

Ensure that your clothes are neatly washed and ironed as well. That ruffled shirt of yours could prove out to be disastrous.

Converging up to my favorite part, the makeup haul.

People do not I repeat please do not overdo your makeup. Always avoid applying bright lip colors or highlighters. Blush should also be neglected for this cause. Girls can probably opt for the limited edition of the Maybelline Color Whisper by color sensational lip color in shade 250 Nude Shimmer. You can buy it from Amazon for 12.22$.

Shuffle off winged eyeliners for one day, a little kajal will do wonders for your look.

Now, the shoes

Ladies can undoubtedly opt for ballerinas, dress shoes or smart heels with less of a funky factor.

Men should wear dress shoes. For a deeper list of options, you can go through this article in which I have compiled the best of dress shoes for you guys.


Adding up some really pretty accessories to your wardrobe is not a bad option at all. Wear a watch in any color you like this applies to both men and women. You can also try on a cute little bracelet for your wrist.

Understanding your body shape will totally prove up as a beneficial point. Hence, try dressing up according to that.

Wear a beautiful smile on your face on your first day so as to create a positive aura around you.

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