Chris Wharton-Hobbit an illustrator based in London, UK whoz has worked with various clients like Nokia, Penguin, Washington Post, Pearson publishing, Renault, Cinemoi, GAP, Showcase communications among others, is now also creating unique designs for an International website taken over by a young 23 year old Indian, Shivam Shah. 2 designs of Captain KYSO-Politics and Harmony are created by him.

Shivam Shah told Media, “We have selected our designs taking care of Bollywood, our designer wear is suitable for Bollywood celebs of all ages from lead male/female to Child artists.

From a Ranbir Kapoor to Salman Khan, we have something for everyone, Having brought our brand so far. We now plan to approach Bollywood Film makers to use our designer wear in their movies.” is an online store for “Wearable Art”. Every piece of clothing is a “unique symbiosis” between symbols of craftsmanship, elegance, quality and excellence.

The bold, elegant style that fuses classic and contemporary is the paramount feature of CaptainKyso by Shivam and his partners.

The primary focus of CaptainKyso is apparel. Within which, they mainly sell T-shirts. Moving forward, they plan on introducing greater variety, such as pajamas, boxers, tank tops in clothing, and foray into accessories, such as phone covers, mugs, coasters, wall art etc. At CaptainKyso one keeps a very tight control on quality. Starting from the yarn purchase to printing, the whole process is tightly controlled and monitored by them.

To date, CaptainKyso has sold almost 400 unique designs, designed by over 135 designers all over the world. Working on a model, where the designers submit their designs, upon selection, receive an upfront payment, followed by a royalty per product sold. Artists retain ownership of their art, and just exclusively license their art to CaptainKyso for a limited period of time.

CaptainKYSO’s main focus is streamlined and effective, focusing on giving clients service that goes above and beyond to produce unrivaled results.Through their various channels,CaptainKYSO has sold over 4.5 Crores worth of apparel since inception. 25% of the sales through their portal( is International!

Not only that but there is immense efforts put behind making CaptainKYSO a great community for designers and enthusiasts. Where community members are encouraged to critique artist submissions and give feedback. By awarding each comment and post with points; which goes towards discounts on products. Started in May, they will roll out a new feature, allowing users to submit their designs, which will then be voted on by the user community of CaptainKYSO, and the top winners will be selected for printing.

A transparent system, will allow artists to get feedback from users about their designs, make modifications to them and re-submit. This will serve as a great platform for the artists to monetize their work, and also learn from feedback.

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