Is Target open on Thanksgiving- Well, Target hours have always been affected by festivities and events in the United States of America. People want to enjoy their tryst home rather than working on holidays which is why the Target stores are open on Thanksgiving 2019 after evening. We do often confuse Thanksgiving and Black Friday hour which eventually make us google search for the question Is Target is open on Thanksgiving 2019 or not. You can also check out Walmart, Best Buy Hours and more in the section down below.

is walmart open on thanksgiving 2019

Is Target open on Thanksgiving 2019

If you are worried about buying last minute groceries and stuff for your Thanksgiving dinner, then you shall definitely check out the stores that are open on Thanksgiving. One of the major reasons that you should keep aware of the stores is to avoid wasting your time looking for stuff there. Hence,keep scrolling down to know what stores will not be opened on Thanksgiving.

Although, Target was closed on Thanksgiving 2018, it is being assumed that it might open for an 8 hour shift this year. ( 5 pm to 1 am)

What stores are closed on Thanksgiving 2019

The Thanksgiving Holiday does not become a headache until and unless you are hosting the very traditional dinner at your place and you are stuck with last moment missing item crisis. We know that the Black Friday event offers a lot of excellent deals at Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Lowe’s but that does not mean you should confuse the two holidays. Some stores are sure fire closed on the Turkey Day, but you should check always check your local store by calling them out.Below is the list of all those stores which will be closed for Thanksgiving on November 28.


Like always, the fashionable hub / departmental store will be closed on the Thanksgiving holiday for the employees. The next day ie the Black Friday will be a working day for the employees and the stores will be open for the public as well.


According to the Costo’s customer service website, the store remains closed on the Thanksgiving holiday. The Turkey holiday is a part of the holiday closure method of the department store giant.


The American pet animal departmental chain will be closed for the Thanksgiving this year. You can either visit them a day before or after and during the Black Friday sales.

Home Depot

Well, if you are looking for some home decor essentials at the last moment then its definitely not a good idea because the stores remain close for the Thanksgiving holiday every year. It opens with its Black Friday deals early in the morning.

Bath and Body Works

The Bath and Body Works store is also closed for Thanksgiving 2019 so make sure you buy all the essentials and toiletries if needed well beforehand of the Thanksgiving feast at home.

is target open on thanksgiving

What stores are open on Thanksgiving 2019


The supermarket giant will supposedly be open on the Thanksgiving holiday because of its 24*7 service record but there has been no official word for it yet. Since, Walmart was open on Thanksgiving 2018, it is being assumed that it will be open during this year as well.


Unlike many other department stores and competitors, the JCPenny will remain open on the Thanksgiving Day after 2 pm. The Black Friday deals will also be active after the stipulated time which is well ahead of others.

Best Buy

Best Buy is famous for offering the best deals on each and every product during the Black Friday sales and also during the regular hours. The store thus remains open on the Thanksgiving holiday after 5 pm.


Due to its iconic Thanksgiving Parade, the store will open its gate to the customers only after 5 pm in the evening. So, do stock your kitchen with all the needful products well in advance.


If you have forgotten buying your favorite lip color or mascara for the Thanksgiving dress up, then do not worry as the cosmetic store remains open on the Thanksgiving holiday after 6 pm.

Thanksgiving Holiday

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