Are you ‘JEE’philic??

To prepare for a 2nd  attempt to give  JEE again, while you are in your college…or not….???

When  I start thinking about this question, I don’t get an answer. I am not able to conclude to  a final decision… I never end up thinking about it…. as so many thoughts, both for and against the question, come at the same time, as a torrent in my mind… and doesn’t matter whoever I talk to… even the highly  qualified counselors are not able to resolve my dilemma…

Well… a simple question… how long do you think that you will live… 70?? 80?? years??
and now you must be 17, 18 or 19… so you see, the decision you take today will affect the next 50 years of your life… if IIT is so much into your brain that it has left a tenacious effect on your mind, I suggest… forget the world, and give it a stroke with all incentives… you may succeed, atleast it would be better than regretting the whole life that you missed one golden chance… but practically speaking, if you don’t deserve IIT, and you know it, then there is hardly any point in battling your conscience over a question whose answer is quite obvious..

IITs are the most coveted, venerated and reputed institutes in India, whose b-tech degree will be an embodiment of your credentials , your CV, it’s a factory which produces super-studs every year… well… IIT is not paying me to plan a deceit by writing this about IIT , you all ready know these things… doesn’t matter how much you toil your ass off in JEE prep., its difficult to manage JEE n college studies at the same time…probability of you getting a good rank in 2nd attempt is quite low, so there’s no guarantee that IIT will be welcoming you in the next year, secondly, you are putting your college grades on stake..!!… and come on guys, obsessed with what I wrote above about IIT, if you start your preparation now, you are late, just wonder, when you were partying hard in the period after your exams and beginning of your college, the IIT-JEE aspirants would have been studying hard..!!

By this article, I not only intend to present  my situation, but to promulgate my advise among the readers, to follow the right path, before you drag yourself to the edge of  an abyss…, and waste what you already have achieved… (by right path, I don’t mean that you should not reappear for JEE, its what you think is right!)

Although, I have points supporting the otherwise case too!, I mean… the brand name that IITs have maintained over many years is disparate,. you define yourself as an exemplar personality , a STUD, an achiever, by just one word… IITian… people respect you, you stand out like a,   the word IIT is enough to turn the situation , what-so-ever it may be, to your side…, to end every discussion to your favor..

I consider myself to be a guy who is marooned in the cage of confusion, my JEE result, not qualified(by just one mark), has marked the advent of this dilemma….and, the end of this war of thoughts …is somewhere in the fog….

About me???
I am a DTU (delhi technological university, formerly dce) student..

– Vivek Mehrotra, TIF

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