Karishma Kapoor was born on June 25, 1974. Our favorite Kapoor lady, fondly called “Lolo” is going to celebrate her 42nd birthday this month. From making us laugh in “Raja Babu” to making us cry in “Raja Hindustani”, Karishma has been a sweet part of our life. Let’s see what life goals she has given us in these years.

Pursue what your heart tells you

Karishma dropped school just to pursue acting which was her prime interest.

Make your own place

Though belonging to the Kapoor family, Karishma chose to make her own palace in the film industry and was not launched in any film directed by her family members.

Be the best at whatever you do

Karishma chose acting as her career and made it big there having won Filmfare Award for Best Actress for the film Raja Hindustani (1996) and Fiza (2000).

Don’t let success get into head

Karishma has appeared in over 50 films till date and most of them have been super hits. But success never got into her head and still she is recognized as one of the most down to earth personalities in the film industry.

What people say is none of your business

She called off her marriage with Abhishek when they both thought it is not working. She always did what she thought is right for her.

Life is too short to hold regrets

Karishma left many roles which went on to become the most iconic roles in Bollywood; still she never had regret for leaving those roles.

Be a trendsetter

Karishma is known as one of the most iconic personality in Bollywood who is known for her unique style.

Give time to the family

Despite her busy schedule, she has always managed to get time for the family.

Be fit and fine

Karishma has always laid emphasis on the importance of fitness in her life. Even in her late 30’s she looks as ravishing as she was in her 20’s

Be positive

She has seen many ups and downs in life and still manages to be positive about life. Her secret of living a happy life is being positive no matter what happens and just focusing on the brighter side of life.

There is no break from work

She returned to Bollywood after a long break and still didn’t like the word comeback. She said it’s just like coming back from maternity leave and resuming the work.

Money is not everything in life

She had the best offers for movies in terms of money but she turned down all because those were all same kinds of roles.

Believe in yourself

She said that the secret of her success in believing in herself.

Don’t ever forget your passion

Acting has been her only passion as she once told in her interview that acting runs as blood in her body.

Love your work

Karishma is a workaholic and gets uncomfortable sitting at home for more than two days.

Prioritize things in your life

Acting was her passion but when she became a mother she gave time to her children hence proving the importance of priorities in life.

Don’t make fashion a one day episode

Karishma has always been a fashion icon and recognizes fashion as an everyday process.

Be confident and comfortable

Karishma Kapoor’s personal sense of style lies in comfort as she told in an interview.

No matter who you are, always be down to earth

Karishma, though belonging to such prosperous family went to school like a normal child and same applies to her children as well.

Understand the importance of discipline

Karishma leads a disciplined life and also incorporates the same in her children.

Make success and failure part of your life

No matter in which career you are, don’t be afraid of up and downs. She told in an interview that as an actor you have to be ready for hits and misses. Ups and downs are part of life.

cover image source: YT / Dangerous Ishhq

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