How to fight depression alone is a big task, which if not tackled with becomes a menace to life. It is not something that you can fight by yourself. The main thing that comes to my mind when it comes to depression is can depression be cured. Kate Spade was an American fashion designer died on the 5 June 2018 and the apparent cause for her suicide is speculated to be mental illness.

The fashion world was astonished by this news and totally baffled by her decision to do this. She also left a note to her 13-year-old explaining to her the reason as to why she took such a step and also told her that it was not her fault and to ask her daddy about it. The apparent reason for her suicide is that her husband wanted a divorce from her. Her sister said that she was suffering from bipolar disorder since last three to four years. She was self-medicating herself with alcohol and was reluctant to get hospitalized as this would then affect her brand value.

Well, this event has brought light over the menace of mental illness yet again. We feel sad about the death of Kate Spade at such a young age of 55. Condolences to her family.

kate spade suicide note

Here are 10 ways in which you can fight depression.

Open up to people who you are close to

kate spade suicide note

First thing first, you need to open up to people and tell them if you are struggling with this menace. There is no need to end to these thoughts until you vent them out to someone you trust. Never ever them keep them inside yourself.

Identify if the problem is recurrent

First of all, identify what is your problem and just take a long breathe. Now, take a look at the past and identify if you have gone through this issue before too. If you have, then go through the flashback and deal with it like you did before. Tell yourself that it will be alright like before.

Watch Motivational Videos

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Sleeping is the hardest thing to do when you are depressed and upset but rather than keeping your eyes open and thinking about what wrong is going to happen next, you can possibly, try watching motivational videos which help you lessen your anxiety.

Talk to a medical professional

depression and sleep

If you think that the problem is getting on your nerves, the first thing that you should do is talk to a healthcare professional. Please do not think about what the world is going to think about your problem! Just think about your well being.

Practice Deep Breathing

depression and how to deal with it

It is believed that by meditating and practicing deep breathing you can achieve the mental peace you are aspiring to get. You need to regularly take out time for this and put in all your energy towards concentrating on the positivity in your life.

Ditch the alcohol! Like seriously

depression and anxiety

The easiest way that people tend to get caught into is alcohol addiction. Well, it is obvious because the alcohol numbs the mind for few hours and makes you stop thinking about your problems. Seriously, that is not the end of your issue! Hence, stop relying on that.

Listen to your healthcare professional

depression and motivation

The first and foremost thing to do after you come back from the healthcare practitioners is to tell yourself that you will certainly follow what is prescribed. Take your medicines and cognitive honestly.

Have a will

depression how to deal with it

It is rightly said that if there is a will, there’s a way. Hence, try to be optimistic in your journey and tell yourself that everything will be alright soon. Do not give up ever, I repeat ever!

Take a stroll in the garden every day

depression how to deal with it

It has been published in a research that the dose of anti-depressants and 30 minutes walk for 3 days every week works the same way for people who are suffering from this illness. Hence, take a walk, run, jog or play but distract yourself.

Try Gift Therapy

how to deal with depression

This one is a tried and tested way to deal with the stress of your life and make yourself happy. Shop for yourself, gift yourself your favorite things and try to pamper yourself. Well, this will well work if you are going through a small issue!

If you think that your issue is a bit tough to handle and the negative thoughts are just expanding day by day then your best bet is to talk to your mom or a whoever who trust the most and schedule an appointment with a healthcare professional.

Be Happy and Get Well soon!

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