Ki & Ka: it is really adorable!

Though cliché at times, but hats off for exploring the concept and coming out with such a joyful film!


Ki & Ka starring Arjun Kapoor and Kareen Kapoor Khan is the story of Kiya (Kareena) who is an ambitious woman climbing the steps of corporate ladder, and Kabir (Arjun) who is a great house husband.

A mainstream Bollywood movie can go only so far when it comes to exploring new ideas. Ever looming fears of a dismal Box Office collection is a factor that restricts Directors from stepping too far from the comfort zone of an average Indian audience.

Perhaps this made the movie cliché at times. Some reviewers have criticized that only a few points were covered among the issues faced by the couple that takes the decision of man staying at home and woman being the bread winner. But chill man! At least the concept was explored and more or less dealt with it maturely.

Here are five reasons I really liked Ki & Ka.

1. Characters are introduced swiftly and story built up is short and sweet.

Remember Blue (2009)? With long character built ups, the audience was whimpering by the time interval came around. Thankfully R. Balki got over with story development soon into the movie.

2. Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor are adorable! Their dialogue delivery, character presentation are spot-on!

Script could have been better. The gender stereotyping could have been lesser (or more natural). Dialogues could have been as cool as Bebo. Nevertheless, the leading pair delivered with accuracy and did the best in the given premise and script.

3. Spoiler alert: The scene with Jaya Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan. It was so well done that it seemed almost like an everyday conversation between the two biggies.

Everyone is going gaga over the scene. And rightfully so!

4. It is 2016 and someone had to make a movie on this concept. No one has yet touched this idea (in mainstream Bollywood).

Critics have all sorts of bad things to say about Ki & Ka, mainly on the lack of a detailed plot, not bringing up “true issues” related to role reversals, gender stereotypes not being properly addressed and so on. But if we catch a breath and just think about, where is another mainstream Bollywood movie on this plot?

Movies like Queen and Piku have already built a foundation for movie-makers to take the plunge in unexplored territories. It will take some time to get more such wholesome, sharp plot bearing movies to be churned from Bollywood. Here, Ki & Ka happen to be among movies that have at least touched upon the concept are way better than those that didn’t. It is like choosing for the lesser evil. And then we can already see the audience maturing with new plots.

5. It is a feel good film, and no one goes home crying after watching it.

We enjoy a goody-goody movie. No tears. No headaches. Just a light hearted movie that did well.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Check out Ki & Ka: Official Trailer

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