The February Days List of 2023 also includes the Kick Day which falls on the 16th February every year. The Kick Day 2023 is part of the After Valentine Week which is also called the Anti-Valentine Week or Hate Week. The day in itself has no significance attached to it. It is a just fun day. The day does not mean that you have to get violent with people. The name is kept like that keeping in mind the Anti-Valentine thingy in mind.

The Kick Day is the 10th day of the Valentine Week and it is celebrated in a fun and frolic way by teenagers and youngsters. It is the day that should not be taken seriously. Please do not go a kicking spree, kicking whoever you see at the first place. You celebrate this day in end number of ways some of which are explained below in brief.

The Valentine Week 2023 commences with the Rose Day that is on the 7th February 2023. The Love Week although ends on the 14th February and from there on starts the Anti Valentine Week. It starts with the Slap Day on 15th February which is followed by the Kick Day on 16th February which brings with it fun and enjoyment. Glide down below to know how you can celebrate the Kick Day 2023 with your buddies.

Kick Day 2023 is a day to be amused but is also a part of the February Days List of 2023. As soon as the Valentine Week List 2023 gives way to the Anti Valentine Week 2023, people start getting ready for the days that are absolutely opposite to the days of the Valentine Week 2023. The Anti-Valentine Week 2023 starts from the Slap Day 2023!

You can also read about the Perfume Day 2023 which is the third day in the Anti-Valentine Week 2023.

Kick Day 2023 History

February days list 2023

Every day has some kind of significance attached to them. The Kick Day according to us has a very variable kinds of meanings. The Kick Day is usually celebrated by ex-lovers who are now not in a relationship. Besides, that the Kick Day can also be celebrated in numerous other ways. You can scroll below to the Kick Day 2023 Celebration Ideas for reference.

Kick Day Celebration 2023

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The Kick Day Celebration is best enjoyed with buddies. You can play end number of games with them some of which have been listed down below. It is rightly said that you should take things as they are, punch when you have to punch, kick when you have to kick it. Hence according to us, Kick Day can also be celebrated on an ambitious note.

Happy Kick Day 2023 Quotes

The very first step to celebrate Kick Day 2023 is to send people sun fun Happy Kick Day 2023 Quotes and Wishes. Not every person celebrate Kick Day 2023, but for those who do we have ample number of plans and wishes. After the Valentine Week List 2023 is over, we start with the Anti Valentine Week List 2023 which consists of many days such as that of Slap Day on 15th feb, Kick Day on 16th feb, Perfume Day on 17th feb, Flirt Day on 18th feb, Confession Day on 19th feb, Missing Day on 20th feb and Breakup Day on 21st Feb.

Wish you friends with these awesome Happy Kick Day 2023 Quotes!

” Lets Kick Bad Memories each time and keep the lovely memories forever.”

” It Kick Day today, kick the butt of your problems and move ahead today.” 

” Theorem of life, when love is with you, you are ready to kick everyone’s butt but when love is not with you, life kicks your butt.”

How to Celebrate Kick Day 2023

  • You can celebrate Kick Day by kicking out bad habits from our lives. For instance, some can kick out the high level of anger, rash driving, smoking etc.
  • You can play the kick day event by kicking out intoxicated people out of your life.
  • The Kick Day celebration can also be taken out for exercising purposes. For instance, you can kick out the laziness in your life.

Kick Day 2023 Do’s and Dont’s

Valentines Week List 2023
  • Kick Day is for the fun and enjoyment. Hence, let it be a fun event and do not turn it into a violent exercise
  • The Kick Day should only be celebrated along with your buddies and people you know only.
  • You are requested not to play pranks with strangers.
  • Do not play involve animals or hurt them during your kick day celebrations.

Kick out your worries and stress during and celebrate Kick Day 2023 with love and laughter.

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