The definition of goodness has somehow been forfeited from our minds. I am aware of the fact that one person alone cannot break a wall but he or she can certainly broaden their minds up and help out to those who are in distress. But as you all know charity begins at home, first try and bring the change in you..

All of you must have heard about the child rape case that happened in a school in Gurgaon, and just a few days after one more case as similar as this happened again in the capital of India ie Delhi . I am against nobody but the question is “Is the evilness of society going away just by burning the effigy.”?

Guys, nobody is perfect in the world, everybody has some or the other kind of flaw in themselves. According to me, the very first thing that we need to work upon is humanitarianism. Enhance this quality and make the world a better place to live in. It’s a very pathetic sight to see people not even giving ways to ambulances on roads sometimes, I have also seen teenage girls walking around malls with their boss’s kids in their laps. Just look at their eyes once and you will feel the pain because she feels herself unfortunate to not afford such luxury and that’s when crimes happen.

I have curated some of the things that you can work upon and become a better person.

Help profusely

Our little aid of help can bring a smile on somebody’s face out there so try and feed the poor people and stray animals.You can also lend the little kids some goodies if it is possible. For god’s sake, stop using crackers it does no good to anybody out here. Dogs suffer the most so I request you all to neglect using crackers this time.

Control your anger

Please do not shout or degrade people who are lower in status than yours. Never ever show your anger to those who do not deserve it. Your anger will ultimately bring you down and kill your identity.

Abort greediness

This is perhaps the worst thing about all of us. Learn to be satisfied with whatever you have, some people even don’t have what you possess hence learn to respect that.


Being optimistic is the best thing that you will do for yourselves. Never feel that you cannot achieve big things in life. You should never doubt on your capabilities.


The feeling of envy can probably destroy relationships be it personal or professional, so try to get rid of it. You will get what you ought to get in life. God has kept something amazing for you too.

The most important thing is to act when you see something wrong happening in front of you. Fight for truth in life and this will be the best way to celebrate. Lend more love and do you Karma, Lord Rama will bless you for your graceful heart.

Happy Dussehra to All

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