Nowadays, online education tools have become a must-have element in the sphere of both national and personal education. The year 2020 keeps introducing new rules of living in the pandemic. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the most useful online educational tools for a classroom and self-study. Let’s have a look at top websites offering free educational services.

eLearning platforms with free courses

It would be beneficial to consider a range of free educational platforms with tons of diverse courses:


Coursera collaborates with more than two hundred leading universities and world-class successful companies. This platform is a great opportunity to learn the most required skills, including business analytics, teaching languages, branding, graphic design, Python, digital marketing, and many more. There is probably no such skill that cannot be acquired with Coursera. As a consequence, it has become the number one platform for those who are eager to get a new specialization, especially it concerns skills of IT, Artificial Intelligence, cloud engineering, and other digital high demanding fields. In this case, it is possible to earn a certificate from a leading university right from home. However, it should be noted that streaming video lectures and participating in the discussion is mostly free while earning a professional certificate or degree usually includes paying some tuition. In addition, it is possible to upgrade one’s specialization or upskill the whole team of coworkers with professional development workshops. A typical course involves videos, discussion, and collaboration, assignments, tests, peer evaluation, etc. Coursera remains the best and most popular online learning platform that includes a bunch of free courses.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an American educational platform and a non-profit organization that aims to assist students in their learning process. Khan Academy contains a variety of lessons in the form of videos and accompanying written content. Furthermore, these lessons often include supplementary exercises and recommendations for professors. Khan Academy is famous for its lessons on such disciplines as art, trigonometry, biology, finance, and others.


EdEx is another online platform that includes free courses from about two hundred leading institutions from all over the world and over 2,500 courses in total. For example, learners may find out more about Marketing Analytics and Market Segmentation, Instructional Design, Cosmic Rays, and Dark Matter, etc. They have standard free courses, professional certificates, MicroBachelors, and MicroMasters programs. MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and Boston University are only a few to mention of all the well-known universities collaborating with EdEx. Of course, if you may not want to spend your precious time writing some tedious tasks yourself. In this case, you can use this dissertation literature review writing service or similar writing platforms.


TEDEd is another online platform that encourages people to learn more about trending or inspiring topics. The main particularity of this platform is that it was created as a side project of the TED talks initiative. The format of the materials is a video lecture. Usually, this video goes in the form of a cartoon or public speech presentation.

Language Learning Resources

There are also diverse online websites offering language learning services for free. You will no longer need to spend extra money or waste a lot of time on getting to a learning center or tutor. Right now, all commodities of learning any foreign language online are right at your hands.


Duolingo is a computerized version of a foreign language workbook, which makes the learning process funnier and more convenient. The platform includes a skill tree of lessons comprising all kinds of learning activities: reading, listening, working with flashcards, different tasks with multiple-choice questions. All these activities will help you to memorize and drill new words and phrases, and, eventually, make your language skills more automatic. It is important to mention that Duolingo uses a freemium model: the app and the website are completely free, but there is a possibility to get some paid services for a monthly fee.


Busuu is another platform that uses a freemium model. Similar to Duolingo, the platform offers all types of learning activities: reading, listening, writing, and even speaking. Furthermore, Busuu gives its users the possibility to join a global language learning community, take language courses to practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and learn a new language.


YouGlish is a platform that uses multiple YouTube videos to make a compilation of a particular word. YouGlish supports teaching many languages, including even a Sign Language. Furthermore, the platform a step-by-step guide on the pronunciation of the most popular words.


Quizlet is a platform that uses a flashcard method to learn new information. Therefore, it might become a good helper in memorizing new foreign words. Moreover, the platform makes it possible to both browse and use the already made sets and create new ones.

As can be seen, self-isolation is not a good excuse to stop learning and acquiring new skills. It is always possible to find new ways to educate oneself with the help of online tools and educational platforms.

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