‘Laal Rang’ is upcoming Hindi thriller movie which is based on a very unusual concept-blood trading mafia. This movie is directed by Syed Ahmad Afzal under the production of Krian Pictures.

Laal Rang

This movie is based on the true story of illegal blood trading in Karnal, Haryana. The concept of the movie is new and not yet been portrayed in Bollywoood. Some of us don’t even know about this kind of trading. It is very honest attempt of the director to present such an unexpected story on the big screen.

Movie trailer of Laal Rang

Star cast

After the theme, the main attraction of the movie is Randeep Hooda who is playing the role of an illegal blood trader named Shankar. It is a very unconventional role of a Haryanvi lad. Though he has played such a character in the movie Highway as well but here he gets a better chance to explore this Haryanvi character. Randeep is famous for his choice of roles. He loves to play a rough character rather than of modern IT guys type roles. This year you will see him in another unconventional role of ‘Sarbjit‘ as well. For that role, he has lost oodles of weights.

In Laal Rang, he is in a role of rough and rowdy Haryanvi young man who only believes that job may be good or bad but should be done with honesty. Though he is illegal blood trader but he is very helpful and kind to needy people. This movie revolves completely around him.

Meenakshi Dixit is cast opposite to Randeep Hooda. You will see the duo romancing on screen.

Catch Pia Bajpai in Laal Rang

Complete Star Cast

  • Randeep Hooda
  • Akshay Oberoi
  • Pia Bajpai
  • Meenakshi Dixit
  • Shreya Narayan
  • Rajendra Sethi

Akshay Oberoi who debuted in Bollywood with his movie ‘Pizza,’ is playing the role of a young man named Rajesh who is in love with a girl named Poonam, a role played by Pia Bajpai. He wants to make quick money for his relationship and for this, he joins Shankar and starts helping him in illegal blood trading.

First look and Posters of Laal Rang

The movie’s first look, poster, and trailer were released recently and looks very promising.

The first look of character Shankar was released by Randeep Hooda on his Twitter handle.

In the first look, he is spotted donning trimmed bearded look in colourful vest having images of deities teamed up with violet coloured trousers which is accessorized with beaded bracelet, rings in right hand and yellow glasses. His look is completely complimenting to his character which is rowdy and rough.

Now let me tell you about the trailer of the movie. The trailer starts with a deity of Lord Shankar standing erect with a dialogue in the background that says “Mujhe Shankar Nai Ek Bar Kaha Tha Ki Hum Insan Saade Panch Liter Khoon Se Bhare Putle hain, Jinhe ek Dhai So Gram Ka Dil Fresh Rakhta hai.”

Trailer gives a fair idea of a story where you will see Randeep doing blood trading, Akshay romancing Pia Baipai and later joining Randeep illegal blood trading for money. Both will be seen enjoying and dancing together. But then a cop enters who is searching for illegal blood traders. Akshay finds himself trapped in all this. If you want to see what happens next then you have to go to a theater to watch it.


Some of the very interesting songs of the movie like Bhaang Ragad ke, Bawli Booch are released and getting a lot of attention from the audience. The songs also have Haryanvi touch in it.

Kharch Karod Starring Randeep Hooda, Fazilpuria

T-Series / YT


T-Series / YT

Randeep Hooda: Bhaang Ragad ke FULL AUDIO Song

T-Series / YT


T-Series / YT

MERA MANN Video Song

T-Series / YT

Randeep Hooda: Bhaang Ragadke Song Teaser

T-Series / YT

Release date

22 April 2016

This movie has both the things that you want- a good story and a good performance by Randeep Hooda. It is a must watch movie. The movie is slated to release on 22nd April 2016.So, be ready to enjoy this serious thriller movie this month.

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