Baisakhi, a festival well cherished in the Springtime, relishes the Spirit of Harvesting. Notably celebrated by Sikhs, the day marks the foundation of “Khalsa Panth”, it is also regarded as one of the Evergreen Harvest Festival. Baisakhi. This day observes a special day in Punjab as the significance of Panth is the underlying reason behind the history of Sikhism. Feast and Festival are synonyms for each other, the traditional dances of Gida and Bhangara are incomplete without the folklore and rock and roll. The fusion of Punjabi folk and bhangra adds charm to the celebrations of Baisakhi. 

Tune into these amazingly feet tapping tracks and garnerthe essence of Baisakhi’s rich culture and enthusiasm.

Jind Mahi

A touch of the classic tune and light-hearted Bhangra number, by Malkit Singh, is a blissful music to tune to. The song invokes a spirit of rich Punjab’s charm and will make you feel homecoming. Malkit through his song enchants the beauty of the fields of Punjab their culture and the beauty of the women decked in traditional suites.

Panth Khalsa- Gary Hothi

Gary Hothi’s Panth Khalsa observes the true essence of Vaisakhi, the sacrifice of the Sikhs and the pillar of Khalsa laid down on this day. Honoring the auspicious event of Baisakhi and symbolizing the Panth Khalsa. The lyrics retell the glory of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and his five disciples laying the foundation of Khalsa and Vaisakhi true spirit lies in the lines of the song.

Aisa Des Hai Mera- A song from Veer Zara

Veer Zara’s Aisa Des Hai Mera narrates the detailing of “Des” where the “Amber” spreads as long as the fields are spread. The mention of rituals of Punjabis and their culture is also invoked in the song. The glimpse of Mela and its fun is highlighted in a real sense. The song unveils the light-hearted detailing of Punjab’s whereabouts, which truly enchants the richness of Punjab!

Baisakhi Wala Mela Lagea- Balkar Sidhu

Balkar Sidhu’s Baisakhi Wala Mela Lagea opens up with a beautifully exciting setting of Mela and its endeavor spread amongst the peers and friends. One may witness the undertones classic glimpse of love-at-first-sight in Mela! Where a group of girls are looked by the traditionally decked up males and sings to woo them. This song is a fun, Punjabi beat.

Jatta Ayi Baisakhi- A song from Imaan Dharam

Jatta Ayi Baisakhi is an off-beat theme of Baisakhi, where an amalgamation of soldiers is singing in the Ex-Soldier Men’s Benevolent Night. The turbaned man is seen singing the praises of Soldiers duties and their independent nature. The song features handicapped men, grooving in the number and celebrates the spirit of Vaisakhi.

Aayi Jhoomke Basant- A song from Upkar

The aura of celebration is incomplete without a track that grooves you in the beat of Vasant. Aayi Jhoomke Basant is one of the evergreens classics of all the times, that will enlighten the spirit of Basant. Set in the 1960’s the evergreen celebrations of Baisakhi is highlighted in every word. The song will surely make your grandparents go nostalgic about the day has 

Baisakhi Wala Mela – By Gurdas Mann

The mesmerizing voice of Gurdas Mann is everlasting bliss to tune to. The fusion of Dhol and Mann’s voice is a feast to enjoy. An amazing number that has a fun beat in its music. The conventional theme of Mela’s delight, rejoice of people in Mela. In the Mela, “Taur” of women is what keeps the music ongoing. 

Aaj Meleian ch Nach Kardi Kamal- By Sarabjit Cheema

The legendary singer, Sarabjit Cheema’s Aaj Meleian Ch will awaken the spirit of Gida in you. The song covers the traditional culture of Melas which hosts on the festival of Baisakhi. And the young maidens tuning in the drum beats hit the tip of the iceberg. The song is ever enlightening and rekindles the spirit of Baisakhi.

I am sure the beats and lyrics of these songs will make you relish the charm of Baisakhi.

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