Yep, I am talking about the eating and consuming habits of these little beings. No matter what you give them, they will binge on them excitedly. There is also an honest saying that “you can definitely trust your dog to guard your house, but you can never trust him to guard your sandwich”. Effing true isn’t it?

See, whenever you have a dog at home, you are bound to feed them the food that you eat. Though some also have exclusive dog food for their fur babies, most of us do feed them with all the human eatables. Relatable? Now, the question is what should be or what should not be given to your doggo. Fruits and vegetables are healthy for everyone but some of them are not quite viable to feed your dog or pup.

Today, we are going to talk about fruits that should be given and the ones that should not be given to them.

The Fruits that should be given.


Make your dog feel like a minion and feed him bananas because they are really good for his kidney and heart functions. They are rich in potassium and good for his bones as well.


I am sure your dog loves mangoes. Well, my does a lot. He is gaga over having mangoes which is good because they are packed with vitamins and minerals that help in benefiting their overall nutrient requirement. They are also rich in fiber which is eventually good for their health.


The watermelons are amazing in taste as well as full of nutrients. They contain 92% of water and thus are good for providing nutrition. They are also rich in Vitamin A, K, and C and thus are really advantageous for your dogs.


Blueberries are rich in their antioxidant properties and that is why they are good for your dogs. They help in preventing cell tissue damage. Feeding blueberries to them have also been proven to improve their night vision.

The Fruits that should not be given


No, the dog should not be given any kind of cherries because of the fact that they contain cyanide which is actually a toxic material for dogs. This substance disrupts their cells ability to take in oxygen.


No matter how much you pupper loves having the juicy sweet-sour fruits, you should not let him have one. The Grapes are not good for their kidneys at all.


These red plump tomatoes are really appealing to the eyes but you have to be really careful giving these to your dogs. The green part of a tomato consists of solanine which is not good for your dogs. They can have the red part though but in moderation.


I have seen a lot of dogs including mine who are ardent fans of having onions. There is a beagle who lives near my place who just can’t have his food without onions. But nope, dogs are not supposed to have onions at all. Why? because the onions belong to the Allum family which damages the dog’s red blood cells.

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