Put on your interior design hat, and let’s get to work on making your home look brand-new. Giving your home a fresh look and feel doesn’t have to involve a full renovation project. All you need is imagination and creativity. See how our unique interior design tips can help you bring a new look to your home.

Paint with a Purpose

We often use the color of a room to set the atmosphere, but sometimes less can equal more. If your home has smaller rooms, try painting them white or off-white to give them a more spacious feel; lighter colors tend to give spaces a formless atmosphere instead of a cramped feeling. Painting a room a neutral color doesn’t mean your room can’t have character: in fact, a white room gives you the opportunity to let your accessories add more personality. To add pops of color, get creative with the décor.

Don’t be Afraid to Mix and Match

Rooms in your home should represent who you are, so don’t be afraid to mix décor types to create an atmosphere that pleases you. Try adding vintage accessories to accent your contemporary furniture. Use a digital picture frame that rotates images of classic works of art. Get radical and arrange your room around an object other than a television to create a space for great conversations.

Use Windows Wisely

Having too much or too little light in a room can disrupt the atmosphere. If your rooms have large windows, get custom window treatments to control the amount of light that enters the room. Find a window treatment specialist who can provide you with some options for easy interior design fixes for lighting in your living spaces.

Make Your Room a Hall of Mirrors

We don’t mean to actually turn a room in a hall of mirrors, of course—we simply mean that strategically placing a mirror or two in the right place can have a great effect. Hanging multiple mirrors can give a room an “endless” feel without a lot of hard work on your part. Mirrors also help enhance the natural light that comes into the room. Experiment with mirrors to create the space you desire.

Keep it Simple

Sometimes a room can look better with less. Design a streamlined room with a minimalist sensibility by finding a few items that work well together to give you a living space with the right amount character. Get an exceptional piece of furniture or art and make it the focal point of the room. When people walk in, their attention will be drawn to that point; everything else will serve as an accent.

Throw in a Few Shelves

Get creative with your shelving options. Try strategically placing floating shelves all around your place. Use one as a bookcase to hold a few of your favorites books, or add some personal flavor by placing family photos on them.

We just scratched the surface, and we want to hear from you. If you have some other unique interior design tips, please leave a comment—we can all help inspire each other with new design tips!

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