20th Century Fox unveiled the second trailer of Logan. It has some real action going down set in a near future timeline. With a young girl who may or may not be a clone of the Wolverine, Logan 2nd trailer makes us X Men fans wait more eagerly for Logan.

The first teaser showed us glimpses of what Logan may hold – Professor X and Wolverine mentoring a young girl with capabilities like Wolverine. This new trailer gives a clearer picture.

Laura (X-23) has claws like Wolverine and similar tendencies to pick up a fight. While Wolverine has discovered he may not be so good at healing any more he is also taking care of a 90 year old Charles Xavier. Now it is up to the old and wise duo to take care of the young and wild Laura. Cue, the bad men arrive to take her (most likely) to government facilities.

Here is the first trailer.

source: YT / 20th Century Fox

Also this is the second trailer.
source: YT / 20th Century Fox

Will this be more melancholy than the preceeding X-Men movies? Maybe. But one thing is for sure, this feels closer to home.

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