The Chandra Grahan will start at 11:54 pm today. The Lunar Eclipse 2018 will happen on the night of 27th July and 28th July and is speculated to be the longest Lunar Eclipse of all time. This Lunar Eclipse is going to last for about 1 hour and 43 minutes this time which is longer than the one that happened in 2017 ie the previous year. The Lunar Eclipse in India is a very important matter and this Eclipse is called the Blood Moon 2018.

For those of you, who don’t know what the Lunar Eclipse or the Blood Moon actually is, here is a brief description for you. Well, one simple definition of the Eclipse is the time when the moon appears darkened to us because it passes into the Earth’s shadow. The Lunar Eclipse this time will be a big matter for everyone because this is the longest one in years.

Here Are Surprising Facts You Should Know About the Lunar Eclipse 2018.

This Lunar Eclipse is longer than the 31st January Lunar Eclipse by 40 minutes approximately

lunar eclipse 2018

The last Lunar Eclipse that happened on the 31st January was about 1 hour 16 minutes long and this time, the difference between both the Lunar Eclipse duration will differ by 40 minutes.

It is speculated to be the prophetic sign of the end times

lunar eclipse 2018

Biblical theorists have speculated that this blood moon is actually a sign that we are indeed leading to our end times soon. This is written in the Book of Joel that moon will turn into the blood when the day of destruction comes.

The color of the Lunar Eclipse won’t be fully red

lunar eclipse 2018

As believed and speculated that the color of the Lunar Eclipse would not be fully red, the color of the moon will actually be partially grey as it bends in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Partial or Total Eclipse Sight depends on where you live

lunar eclipse 2018

Everyone is excited about watching the Eclipse but watching a total eclipse or a partial one depends on which part of the Earth you are living in at the moment.

People living in the European Union can watch the blood moon with the naked eye

People living in the European Union will be luckier in terms of people living in other areas of Earth, as they are going to have the advantage of watching it right in front of them. While the others will have to use the High Definition Equipements.

This will be the second eclipse in the year

The Blood Moon happens to be the second eclipse of the year as the first one happened on the night of 31st January 2018.

The color of the Moon will vary

lunar eclipse 2018

The reason being for the difference in the color of the Moon can be due to different climatic conditions. The color will become red gradually as first the moon will enter the Earth’s atmosphere and then the color will be a result of Rayleigh scattering.

The Distance between the Earth and Mars will shrink

lunar eclipse 2018

It is revealed that the red planet Mars is going to come very near to the Earth’s surface after 15 years and all this will happen during the Lunar Eclipse. The distance will be 57.58 million approx.

Mars will shine as Jupiter

lunar eclipse 2018

Due to the distance shortening and the Lunar Eclipse, the red planet Mars is going to shine twice the times as Mars but a little lighter than the planet Venus.

The Lunar Eclipse will take its peak at 8:22 pm UTC

Astronomer Bruce McClure says that the Lunar Eclipse or the Blood Moon is going to take its peak at 8:22 pm UTC which is 1:52 am according to the Indian Standard time.

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