A couple of days back, I got myself a pot of lip balm from an Indian Luxury brand known as Forest Essentials. This balm proved out to be a miraculous potion for my monotonously chapped lips and treated my dryness in a jiffy. I would really recommend it to anybody out there and believe me, ladies, it is truly worth the money spent.

Did you know using a good quality lip balm will not only treat your chapped lips but also will help you reduce the pigmentation on your lips? Applying it every night before sleeping will help you retain the moisture as well as keep your lips young and rejuvenated.

Below are some good and worthy options for your next luxury buys.

Eight-hour cream intensive lip repair balm Elizabeth Arden

Available for $24, this one is a true rescuer and helps to retain the moisture of your lips. Its core ingredients are petroleum jelly, Menthol, and Menthol Lactate, as well as Vitamin E. The blend of such ingredients helps in healing chapped lips, helps condition the skin and also provides relief.

No.28 Lip treatment Oil from Hourglass


Now this one is a total luxury as it actually has a gold karat plated tip and costs around $44. The unique selling point of the balm is that it is totally vegan and has antibacterial properties. If you really want to protect your lips from aging, this is perhaps the right choice for you.

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm


Comes in a beautiful pot and is available for $22. The best part about this one is that it has the power of SPF 15 which helps in protecting the lips from sun damage as well. The ingredients include wheat germ oil, Avocado, and Olive. This one helps us fulfill both our requirements of lip healing and further on protection.

Chanel Hydra Beauty

We can trust the brand just by the name of it. This lip balm is available for $50 and comes in a beautiful pot like container. You can use it all year round for added up benefits. Enriched with the power of Camellia Oils, it provides the lips with lots of nourishment and moisture.

Tatcha Gold nourishing lip balm

Available for $ 36, it is advisable for all skin types. You are going to have that queen like feeling onto your fingers when the 24 Gold Karat crushes after the application. The ingredients include Camellia, Algae, Gold and much more. It will provide your lips with nourishment and softness.

Nutritive Lip Balm Sisley


If you are looking for an emergency savior, here’s the best option for you. The balm looks really pretty in pink and is a feast for the eyes. The key ingredients Shea and Kokum help in repairing and ensuring plumpness of the lips. The balm is available for $43.19.

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