I know all you beautiful ladies follow some or the kind of rules when it comes to taking care of your skin but dear there is no harm in knowing how to use any product or method the right way. Below is a generic step by step guide of taking care of your skin.

The main factor that we are ignorant of is following the right procedure to use such products. We all know that they are several methods that we should keep aware of while taking care of our skin and they are cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing and applying sunscreen. The thing is to do it the right way. Scroll below to find out how?

Cleansing your face

First of all, you need to care of cleansing your face with the right face wash which should suit your skin type. Be it summers or winters you should always use cold water to wash your face, the reason being is that it slows the aging process.
After you are done with the washing , you should pat dry your face with a clean cloth or a facial sponge which should not be made up of hard fabrics. 

This article will guide you in selecting the best face wash for an acne prone skin.

Toning it the right way

Ladies often get forgetful of this method or do it the wrong way. Most toners nowadays are full of harsh chemicals and are alcohol based so what I would recommend to always use are home-based ingredients for this purpose. Dip a ball of cotton into some milk and dab gently onto your face. The main rule here is to never spray a toner instead wipe all the dirt out with the help of some cotton. Look out for the ingredients , if Retinol is one of them it will be an icing on the cake. 



I belong to the very dry skin fraternity, so this one is my life savior undoubtedly. Moisturizing your face should be done the right way too. Avoid applying the cream from the middle of the face and layering it  again and again, is a huge mistake too as it might clog your pores. People are often confused about the difference between face and body moisturizers. The difference here is that face creams usually are lighter than the body lotions , so never substitute them with each other. Pick them according to your skin type.

Eye cream

If you want to have a wrinkle free skin in future , get used to using a simple eye cream. Make sure you only apply it to your smile line and not extreme under the eyes. Always dab it very very gently with your ring finger. Never rub your eyes in a harsh way.

Applying Sunscreen

Some people think that applying sunscreen during winter is not at all important as we do not get enough sun exposure, this is a myth and should not be believed. You should apply a Sun Shield before applying your makeup and 30 minutes before you step out of your home. You can also go for sunscreen which have an inbuilt amount of moisturizing ingredients.

Facial Oils

For those who have very dry skin, using facial oils is the new buff. Pour drops of oil onto your palm and rub together your hands to make them warm enough. Now gently apply it with the help of your hands and massage. Always use lighter oils so that it does not clog your pores. Always use facial oil at night and adhere to the steps written on the pack.

Exfoliating in a right way

Take a little amount of scrub from the applicator and start applying it very gently on the skin in circular motions. Never! I repeat never should you rub your face while exfoliating, the reason being here is that it will cause your skin to have dry patches and it will get irritated too.

Keeping your skin intact is thoroughly is in your hands. I, You and perhaps everyone out here is lazy to put extra efforts , but try to make out time so as to keep your skin younger forever.

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